A Look at My Favorite Kate Spade Novelty Bags

The Marvelous Maisel of Handbags
Kate Spade Bouquet Bag
Bag: kate spade new york In Bloom Embellished Bouquet Novelty Bag | Dress: Venita Aspen x Gianni Bini for Dillards Cleo Plissé Pearl Dress | Shoes: Venita Aspen x Gianni Bini for Dillards Amena Printed Bow Back Sandals

I’ve never been a major collector things. Sure, there are a few items I’ve invested in the past (vintage fashion and English bone china). But in most aspects of my life, I’ve really started limiting my purchases. Less is more, you know? However, there’s one thing I can never seem to get enough of – kate spade novelty bags.

For decades, I’ve loved collection ksny’s novelty pieces. From milk cartons to camera bags, birdcages to strawberry baskets, these humorous handbags are the ultimate “wink and a smile” items in my closet. Like the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel of modern handbags, if you will. As you may know, kate spade new york is known for creative details on most of their items like scallop purse trim, statament shapes, both prints, and more. However, their whimsical novelty styles are just next level!

I love love love these brilliant bags more than I can put into words. However, it goes beyond the fact they’re fun, witty, whimsical, and lovely. They’re so much more.

kate spade novelty bags
Mailbox Bag | Heart Bag | Pizza Bag | Petal Bag | I Love NYC Big Apple Bag | Floral Coin Purse | Metro Card Holder | Floral Taxi Crossbody Bag | Apple Coin Purse

Sail to Sable Scallop Dress

Kate Spade Novelty Bags

First, it’s no secret that I’m a kate spade super fan. In so many ways, the kate spade new york collection has always felt like the most authentic extension of my personal style. ksny‘s novelty bags are especially joyful, and I love wearing them as often as possible.

Conversation Starters

No joke – someone stops me every single time I wear one. The questions range from “Where did you get that purse?” to OMG is that a pineapple?!” The list goes on and on.

Kate spade novelty bags are the ultimate conversation starters at parties, dinners and special occasions. Trust me – someone will stop you to talk about these bags. It’s an easy way to connect with others and a fun starting point for discussion.

Resale Value

Now to be clear, I don’t invest in ksny novelty bags to resell ever. Instead, I’m excited to pass them down to my niece one day with clear directions – never ever ever sell these! 🙂

I’m not alone. kate spade new york novelty bags have a major cult following. Therefore, similar to how Chanel bags and Hermes purses gain value over time, most ksny novelty bags do the same (key word is most). If you check Poshmark, Tradesy, eBay and other resale sites, you’ll find that some kate spade novelty bags are selling for triple and sometimes quadruple the price. Clutches that used to cost $125 clutch are now $550 or $250 bags now sell for $1,250. At the very least, they tend to retain their value.

Sure, several designer purses gain value in the thousands (Dior and their iconic Lady Bag, Chanel, Hermes, etc.). But kate spade novelty bags hold their own, which can’t be said true of most handbags or brands.

Starting a Kate Spade Novelty Bag Collection

Thinking about starting a collection of unique kate spade novelty bags? If so, there are a few rules to follow as with any purchase.

First, please beware of FAKES. Seriously. Over the years, I’ve spotted so many fake styles on various resale websites and stores. Therefore, it’s best to stick to sites that authenticate pieces like The RealReal.

Don’t go overboard. The beauty of building a collecting is taking your time! Enjoy each and every piece. Start with a style that sparks joy. Wear it as often as possible for as long as possible and then invest in another down the road. Slowly but surely you’ll build out a collection that makes you happy.

Over the years, I’ve noticed a few general themes when it comes to their novelty bag designs. To help you decide on your next purchase, I’m sharing a few of them below!

Camera Bags

One of my favorite whimsical bag styles from the brand are their camera bags. I think I have four in total? I’ve noticed they tend to sell extremely quickly, too. Their “Clic 3D” bag below sold out almost immediately. Thankfully, they much have done a small restock, so I was able to get my hands on one a few weeks after the initial debut. It was the perfect addition to my beloved tassel strap tan version and my oversized wicker camera bag (both below).

kate spade camera novelty bag
kate spade new york Brocade Pant Suit
Bandana Print Handkerchief Hem Dress

Book and Newspaper Bags

Ahhh, the iconic kate spade book clutch. For me, this was the “gateway style” to the brand’s line of unique novelty offerings. Sadly, they don’t make them anymore, but my hope is that they will bring them back! From Shakespeare to Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and more, they covered so many classics. Plus, they’ve created various newspaper and magazine styles over the years – love!

Kate Spade Newspaper Clutch

Seasonal Novelty Bags

Always one to embrace seasonality, kate spade loves creating a bag that celebrates spring, summer, and beyond. This past year, they debuted a darling heart bag for Valentine’s Day, and they also released a “Big Apple” capsule to celebrate all things NYC.

Jennifer Lake Carolina Herrera Red Gown
kate spade bee novelty bag
Kate Spade Kite Bag
kate spade new york novelty bags

Fruit Novelty Bags

This is another style I can’t get enough of! I think the wicker lemon and the zip top watermelon were among the first handful of novelty bags in my closet. Additionally, their use of textures, fabrics, and mixed media for their fruit bags is always incredibly impressive. For instance, the strawberry basket bag below. It has the loveliest smooth leather base complete with turnlock closure along with an intricately detailed soft strawberry bunch at the top. Definitely an all-time favorite.

Via Spiga White Sandals
Kate Spade Strawberry Basket Novelty Bag
Kate Spade Splash Out Watermelon Clutch
Pamela Munson Fame Hat
Kate Spade Wicker Lemon Clutch

Kitschy Food Bags

While pineapples, oranges, and lemons might be an easy sell, kate spade also pushes the limit with a few off the wall options. A crystal and sequin embellished pizza purse?! A strawberry milk carton crossbody?! You can tell they really have fun when designing these over the top options! At the bottom of this post, see how they created their now iconic pizza clutch bag!

Kate Spade Pizza Bag

You can still purchase the kate spade new york pizza bag, which is so fun and perfect to add a dose of fun to any outfit.

kate spade Pizza Bag


Kate Spade Milk Novelty Bag

Transportation Novelty Bags

Another best selling style is transportation bags. Planes, trains, and automobiles galore! As of this post, they currently have the cutest taxi cab crossbody (here) and even a Metro Card themed mini wallet (here). Additionally, the brand has a darling pair of taxi slippers on sale (here)!

In years past, kate spade new york has created wicker cars, resin steamships, and even leather spaceships. See them all below!

Kate Spade Wicker Car Novelty Bag
Monique Lhuillier Floral Gown
Kate Spade Spaceship Clutch

Unexpected and Unique Novelty Bags

What really set their designs apart are the completely unexpected offerings. Styles like a mailbox purse, a parrot cage, a typewriter tote, and so much more. Each season, I’m excited to see what comes next. If you haven’t already seen, this spring brings an iconic array of tennis-inspired offering. See more here.

KSNY parrot cage bag
Kate Spade Typewriter Purse

typewriter purse

Some deals aren’t worth it. Some people overcharge for old novelty bags (like this one). Sure, it’s SO cute. In my humble opinion, that price is wild.

Invest in kate spade new york’s current novelty bags (and keep them!). Again, one of the best ways to gain value of ksny novelty bags is to maintain them for a long period of time. Every season, kate spade comes out with 1-2 novelty bags.

Kate Spade Novelty Phone Cases

Lastly, if you’re not into the idea of investing in a kitschy purse or whimsical clutch, kate spade often offers unique phone and tech cases. Years ago, their camera inspired phone folio was what I used everyday. Plus, I received so many compliments on it. I sincerely hope they bring this style back for the current iPhone!

Kate Spade Novelty Camera Phone Case

In Closing

Have you invested in a ksny novelty bag before? If so, which one did you get? Excited to hear which ones you have and/or the versions you’re thinking about buying from this season’s collection.

Below, I’m highlighting some of my favorite styles from over the years, and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

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