The Most Instagrammable Chicago Restaurant

Go for the Design, Stay for the Donuts!
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Today, I’m excited to take you behind-the-scenes of the most Instagrammable Chicago restaurant. It’s always wonderful to find hidden gems and cool new experiences in the Windy City! Plus, who doesn’t love delicious food? Whether it’s the best avocado toast or debuting a new mural, I love stumbling upon things that add something special to our destination.

Most Instagrammable Chicago Restaurant

Meet 2d Restaurant – the first hand-drawn monochrome 2-dimensional illusionary restaurant in the U.S. As the brainchild of co-owners, Vanessa and Mike, 2d serves up Pon de Ring donuts (also referred to as mochi donuts). It’s the first restaurant of its kind in Chicago. Adding to its “firsts,” they are also the exclusive made to order Phin style coffee bar.

2d Restaurant is located at 3555 North Halsted Street in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Mike is the head chef and Vanessa did all of the design in collaboration with artist,

Comic Book Donuts Chicago
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Right now, 2d Restaurant is serving delicious Pon de Ring donuts (also known as “mochi donuts”). Are you familiar with them? Many are new to the delicious and divine doughy concoction. Basically, these donuts first became popular in Japan from Mister Donut. Known for their bubble-ring shape, they have a mochi-like consistency inside and then deep-fried on the outside.

In the future, they’ll also be serving fried chicken and sandwiches. Yes, you heard that right – fried chicken, sandwiches mochi donuts, and coffee. What more do you need?

2D Monochrome Illusions

Beyond the amazing food, 2d Restaurant is worth a visit to see the incredible hand-drawn monochrome designs. Vanessa Thanh Vu, co-owner of 2d, managed all of the design for the space. She based some of the designs on the Netflix show, Emily in Paris. We won’t go into my thoughts on the show (although you can read more here). 🙂

2D Restaurant Chicago

Moreover, Kevin (the co-owner), walked us through the space and explained the journey they’re hoping for people to go on inside. First, you start at the Eiffel Tower and slowly make your way through museums, libraries, and even a gorgeous closet filled with French designer bags and shoes. Genius.

Vanessa worked with Chicago-based artist, Mia Lartson to hand draw all of the designs. Mia majored in Fine Art and Media Studies at North Park University, and she loves sparking joy and generating conversations by her work. Love that! We’d be fast friends! 🙂

Pon De Ring Donuts

The Pon de Ring Donut Essentials Collection includes a fun range of flavors and colors, including Sprinkle Rainbow, Chocolate, Strawberry, Glaze, Matcha, Cotton Candy. Right now, it costs $19.95 for a dozen, which is extremely reasonable for the quality of what you get.

Best Chicago Donuts
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Additionally, they have an Artisanal Collection, which features Triple Chocolate, S’More, Winnie the Pooh, Very Berry, Matcha Dreams and Fresh Cream Churro. From what I understand, the brand also offers a seasonal special (20 orders daily) of Fresh Strawberry PDR.

Torn between the options? If so, you can purchase a dozen or half dozen of the Essential or Artisanal Collections (or a mix of three of each).

Hand Brew Phon Coffee

Currently, 2d Restaurant is selling five options of hand brew single origin Phin coffee. What is Phin coffee? Well, it’s basically a brewing method that combines the benefits of pour over and French press. So good! The options include Signature Black Phon, Créme Brulee-Brown Sugar Phin Latte, Fresh Strawberry Latte (ice only), Classic Phin Latte, White Chocolate Phin Latte and Nutella Mocha Phin Latte. Their coffee is roasted by Metropolis; all coffee beans are fair trade and single-origin.

2D Restaurant Jennifer Lake
Chicago Black White Restaurant

If coffee and lattes aren’t your thing, they also sell Iced Organic Tangerine White Tea, Iced Organic Blueberry Tea, and Iced Fresh Strawberry Milk.

Most Instagrammable Chicago Restaurant – In Closing

Ready to try out 2d Restaurant, Chicago’s most Instagrammable restaurant? If so, be sure to check their website for regular business hours. Additionally, the lines are LONG. I’d recommend arriving early.

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To close, 2d Restaurant Chicago is located at 3555 North Halsted Street near the corner of Belmont and Halsted. There is plenty of paid street parking right outside the restaurant. Lastly, keep me posted if you visit! I’d love to hear what you think.

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