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After a few fun-filled days in Mexico with some phenomenal people (Liz, Carrie, Liz, Mari and Monica, and my colleague, Melanie), I headed home slightly early to attend to some personal matters. Life has a way of throwing you curve balls, especially when you least expect it. This week was no different, and while I won’t delve into the situation, please send good vibes.

That said, I’m incredibly appreciative of these invaluable work experiences. The PR agency I’ve had the privilege of working at for nearly ten years never ceases to amaze me. I am honored to work with my boss (and a company) that gives employees once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. And I’m not alone!

While I was in Mexico, other agency employees were in Finland and El Salvador. While I was in Grenada, another colleague was in Mexico. It’s a joy to see our team travel the world! Anyways, I don’t say it enough – but a huge thank you to our agency’s president for allowing me and others to see the world. Furthermore, thank you to Bob for supporting this “live out of a suitcase” lifestyle.

After all, traveling is not for the faint of the heart. In fact, traveling was a popular subject this week at most of our dinners. Several of the moms asked me how I manage the work/life/blog balance. I explained that in some ways – this blog is my “baby” – except it doesn’t need naps, bottles, a change of diapers, car pool, etc. It doesn’t spit up, talk back (well, maybe the server sometimes), cry, etc.

Moms are heroes, warriors, saints and everything in between! I am in awe of how moms balance it all (with grace, style, humility and honesty). So for all those who ask, “how do you balance it all?” The answer is simple – we don’t have kids! So, to all you moms out there (including those I spent time with this week), you are AMAZING. I don’t know how YOU do it. You truly have the most important job in the world.

Anyway, I’m heading to London tonight with my friend, Kit! Bob was originally planning on flying out for a long weekend, but he had to cancel due to a family emergency. Since I need to be there for work next week, I had less flexibility to change my flight. When I told Kit, I joked and said “Hey! Want to come with me to London this weekend?” Within minutes, she booked a flight, emailed places for us to visit in London, and sent ideas for things we could do. Come on! Such a great friend. Be sure to checkout her guides to London – they’re amazing!

Kit is seriously one of my favorite people. One who drops everything to help, support and go above and beyond – even when I don’t deserve it. She seriously came through for me and Bob this week, and I’m so thankful for our friendship and to have her (and her husband Charles) in our lives!

Stay tuned for our trip! We have some fun things planned. Lastly, be sure to send positive thoughts, prayers, and good vibes to Bob’s family.

Colorful Hexagon Mural Los Angeles

Dress: Navy Stripe Sweater Dress {c/o} {now 40% off} // Jacket: Navy Blazer

Bag: Chanel Pink Flap Bag // Shoes: M. Gemi Cammeo Pumps {c/o}

Jewelry: KEP Designs Earrings // Eyewear: Céline White Sunglasses {c/o}

Jennifer Lake Style Charade Los Angeles Wall GuideNavy Stripe Sweater DressBest Los Angeles Murals Street ArtPastel Mural Pasadena CaliforniaEliza J Navy Stripe Sweater DressPink Chanel Flap BagJennifer Lake Stripe Sweater Dress

Dress: Navy Stripe Sweater Dress {c/o} {now 40% off} // Jacket: Navy Blazer

Bag: Chanel Pink Flap Bag // Shoes: M. Gemi Cammeo Pumps {c/o}

Jewelry: KEP Designs Earrings // Eyewear: Céline White Sunglasses {c/o}

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