12 New Year’s Eve Party Outfits

A Dozen Looks to Ring in 2023

It’s nearly time to ring in the new year! And, with New Year’s comes celebration with big parties or casual get-togethers. For either occasion, you’re going to need an outfit. This ensemble has to match the glam holiday vibe and suit your event. Plus, you want it to reflect your personal style, so you can bring in 2023 with confidence and positive energy!

So, today, I’m sharing a dozen New Year’s Eve outfits for a casual or formal party. There are both dresses and two-piece ensembles to make sure you get the perfect look for the occasion and the weather. Here are my twelve New Year’s Eve outfits:

12 New Year’s Eve Party Outfits

Casual New Year’s Eve Party Outfits

Steve Madden Daisie Pumps

Silver Pleated Skirt and Sweater

This is the perfect New Year’s Eve party outfit. The whole outfit is monochrome with a shimmer silver palette that’s perfect for NYE’s glamorous festive vibe. The bottom half consists of a long, shimmery pleated skirt and a pair of Maisie pumps. I love this combo because the heels aren’t too high and the skirt is really fun to twirl, so they’re the perfect pair for dancing! 

The top is a comfy cable-knit sweater that also has a metallic sheen that’s super unique and super elevated. Finish this look off with any other silver accessories you want, like earrings, rings, and a handbag. It couldn’t be easier to style with the monochrome color scheme! 

Necktie Top Penny Mules

Necktie Top with Sweater and Gold Penny Mules

If you’re headed to a couple casual house parties, and you don’t want to wear a dress, try this ensemble! The sleeveless button up with the necktie accent is just the right amount of refined and fun. Throw the cardigan overtop to polish it all off and keep yourself warm! 

For the rest of the outfit, I used black frayed crop trousers that help dress it down a bit. If you want to keep it a little more formal, though, you could definitely rock this with a different hem. For shoes, you could go gold, black, or silver! Just make sure you have a little heel to balance out the look and give you a flattering silhouette.  

Silver Sequin Top

Sequin Top and Black Platform Sandals 

When you think of an NYE outfit, how could you not think of sequins? Well, if you want some sparkle, this look is for you. Throw on this silver blouse with flutter sleeves and pair it with those black frayed crop pants from the last outfit! Or, you could wear leather pants to add more visual interest and carry that metallic look. Complete the look with black platform sandals and dangling earrings! 

Black Layered Sweater Dress

Black Sweater Dress with High Boots

There are quite a few glittery party dresses on the list, but this sweater cocktail dress is more dramatic, yet more minimal. All you need with this dress are the leather knee-high boots and a quilted handbag. Keep the look all-black, or add in off-white or nude accessories. Either way, it works! 

Brocade Dress Party Outfit

Shimmery Mini Dress and Gold Accessories

Is this one formal or casual? I think it could go either way. Since it’s a mini dress, I put it in here, because it just had to be included! This champagne mini dress has a gorgeous geometric print and a-line fit that is flattering on pretty much anyone! The icy pink color and pleated skirt make it the perfect dress for a New Year’s Eve Party. 

Now, in my version, I paired it with a lot of gold accessories. This definitely elevates and keeps with the metallic theme. However, if you wanted to tone it down, you could use white or nude accessories instead. The neutrals would balance and amplify the pattern for a beautiful NYE outfit!

Ann Taylor Gold Pleated Skirt

Gold Shimmer Pleated Skirt and Ruffle Neck Sweater

The gold pleated skirt has classic beauty, and really shines both literally and figuratively. For this look, the gold skirt acts as a neutral, and I layered up with more neutrals to keep the tonal palette going. 

A white ruffle neck sweater matches the waves in the skirt and continues the feminine feel of this look. The skirt and top alone look so high end and adorable, but for NYE, we’ve got to turn it up a notch. Add gold bow mules and hoop earrings to pull the eyes up and down, evening the look. Oh! And, don’t forget a glitzy handbag that screams, “Bring on the New Year!” 

Colorblock Neutral Sweater

Tonal Patchwork Sweater, Jeans, and Sherpa Handbag

If you’re not into glitz and glam, that’s totally okay. Here’s a really casual look that is still refined and party-ready, but doesn’t include even one sequin. Grab your favorite pair of high rise skinny jeans, and don this gorgeous patchwork sweater that holds so much visual interest and excitement. It’s totally unique, but not crazy wild. So chic! 

Anyway, add booties or heeled ankle boots and a sherpa handbag. Really go for texture variety to elevate this look! The outfit really doesn’t demand jewelry, but good hoop earrings would be really cute. And, if you want to amplify the look and make it a little more luxurious, rock this sherpa mid-length coat. It’s definitely a show-stopping addition! 

Formal New year’s Eve Party Outfits

Scoop Walmart Purple Sequin Dress

Purple Sequins Mini Dress and Crystal Bow Slingbacks

When you need a formal look for a big NYE event, the expense can be super intimidating. But, friends, you can get this entire outfit at Walmart for under $100. Seriously! There is no shame in grabbing super cute fits at a department store. The quality of the outfit comes from the styling! 

So, to style this, start with the scoop sequin mini dress in this gorgeous acai color. (Though, the banana palm is also a great color for the occasion). Then, add on the brass chandelier earrings for geometry to balance out the curvy, form-fitting dress. Finish it out with the black slingback pumps with the crystal bowtie for something festive and totally fitting for a formal party!

Sequin Blazer and Pants

Sequins Blazer and Flare Trousers with Silver Accessories

For a formal outfit idea that doesn’t include a dress, run for this sequins blazer and flare trouser combo. Is it loud? Yes. Can you pull it off? Also yes. The forms are so flattering with the curvy bottom and over-structured top. So, the silhouette just works! 

For accessories, keep going with the silver. Don’t stop! However, if that’s a little too much for you, feel free to go with black to balance out all the glitter. Leave 2022 with a BANG using this fabulous sequins look. 

Navy Sequin Midi Dress

Sleeved Navy Sequins Blouson Dress and Gold Mules

This blouson dress is sleeved and has a long length, which is perfect if you’re in a colder climate. (I know I need the length here in Chicago.) This comes from my personal Sail to Sable collection, and I just adore this deep navy color. It’s wintry, but not Christmas, which is perfect for an NYE formal party. 

Accessorize with gold mules and gold earrings. For the handbag, go black, gold, or grab something with more sequins! As long as your additional elements are framing the loud, flowy dress, the look will work. Chic and fabulous.  

Style Charade Pink Bow Dress

Pink Bow Dress and Bow Handbag

Here’s another bright color option! This New Year’s Eve dress is BRIGHT pink with two sequined bows on the front. I paired it with a matchy-matchy sequins bow tie mini bag and silver pumps. It’s a little Barbie. A little retro. AND, it’s a lot of fun. 

Sail to Sable Style Charade Charlotte Sequin

Silver Charlotte Sequin Dress and Matching Heels

For this final look, I’ve got the NYE dress of all NYE dresses. It’s the perfect balance of thematic and chic. This shimmering sequin trapeze dress has a tunic collar, blouson sleeves, and a tiered skirt that all just works together. 

You’ll be like a disco ball in this dress. Partly because of the over-the-top flashy fabric and partly because you’ll be the center of attention with your show-stopping styling. Find sequined heels to match the dress, and then use nude accessories to frame all that boldness. 

Pick one of these casual or formal New Year’s Eve looks for your next holiday party, you won’t regret it babes!

Which outfit speaks to you the most? With such a range in styles and prices, I hope you’ve found an ensemble that works for you. Tell me what you’ve chosen in the comments! Or, if you assembled your own NYE look, tag me on Insta. I’d love to see what you styled! 

Moreover, if you want more styling tips and outfit ideas, check out my blog and browse my LTK page. I regularly post new content to help you take your wardrobe from “washed-out” to “wow.” Let’s go on this style journey together!

Sail to Sable Style Charade Tracy Dress

Dress: Sail to Sable x Style Charade Tracy Embellished Dress | Bag: kate spade new york Metallic Tweed Smile Bag | Shoes: Loeffler Randall Platinum Natalia Heels

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