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Jennifer Lake Tory Burch White Dress

Welcome to my first set of images inspired the Netflix show, The Politician! Today’s post is dedicated to how to dress like The Politician Georgina Hobart, Gwyneth Paltrow’s character on the show! I mean, her style in the series is positively divine!

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Prior to diving into this post, if you’re unfamiliar with why I’m doing this series, I highly recommend reading the first blog post. It dives into why I’m launching the series and how you can get involved. The main takeaway, though? These photos are not just about pretty fashion and outfit ideas. My main mission is to encourage voting and voter registration.

Learn more about voter resources by visiting and be sure to check your State’s voter registration deadline (also featured in this infographic).

Jennifer Lake Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2020
Dress: Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2020 Poplin Shirtdress {c/o} | Bag: Tory Burch Kira Chevron Satchel {c/o} | Shoes: Tory Burch Ines Mid Heel Slide {c/o} | Necklace: Tory Buch Bandana Paisley Statement Necklace {c/o} | Bracelet: Tory Burch Bandana Paisley Cuff {c/o} | Scarf: Tory Burch Embroidered Bandana Neckerchief {c/o} | Earrings: Vintage

The Politician Georgina Hobart Style

To kick things off, I’m starting the series with Gwyneth Paltrow. As the well-heeled, doting adoptive mother of the main character, Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), Georgina brings a large designer dose of style to the binge-worthy show.

Her curated closet features a marvelous mix of resort kaftans like that gorgeous green version in her opening scene, colorful gowns while gardening, and even Gucci pajamas. Naturally.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gucci
Photo Credit: Beth Dubber and Netflix

The show catapults you into a Wes Anderson-like world of glamour and whimsy mixed in with the drama and quick-wit writing that we’ve come to expect from a Ryan Murphy series.

Georgina Hobart’s wardrobe was inspired by iconic U.S. socialites, Talitha Getty and Babe Paley. I read an incredible article about Talitha, and I definitely plan to research her 1960’s bohemian style. On the other hand, Babe Paley had a more refined, glamorous style that had a regal 1930’s and 1940’s flair.

At the same time, she has an effortless California elegance about her. In addition to the fashion, pay close attention to her statement accessories. She lives in bold earrings, chunky bracelets, and ravishing rings.

Who Styled Gwyneth in The Politician?

From my research, Gwyneth’s looks came together thanks to the dynamic collaboration between Ryan Murphy’s longtime costumer designer, Lou Eylich, and Paltrow’s personal stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman. They did a spectacular job with curating her outfits!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s array of accessories and outfits certainly spoke to me! In an interview with Eylich, the stylist shares that Ryan Murphy approves every single style in the show. Crazy! I love that attention to detail.

Fun fact: Gwyneth’s husband, Brad Falchuck, is actually the co-creator of some of the show!

Four of the Best Politician Georgina Hobart Outfits

Where do I even start? One of my favorite “casual” outfits featured a beautiful blush cape by designer, Duro Olowu. She wore to a meeting with lawyers. I mean, why not? Elle Woods would approve in the choice. Georgina seems to have an affinity for cape coat styles as she also dons an Alexandra McQueen blazer with cigarette paints.

Politician Gwyneth Paltrow Cape Coat
Photo Credit: Netflix

Other favorite looks include a Valentino tan trench coat during a quick car ride with Payton, and a statement neon green silk number by Carolina Herrera for an awkward evening dinner at home.

Don’t even get me started on the equestrian elegance that she serves in season one. Who knew horse scenes could look so haute? Alas, Bob forbid me from investing in a riding cap and riding boots. But I digress…

Chicago Park Photoshoot

My Politician Georgina Hobart Style Reinterpreted

For this series, my hope is to reinterpret the characters (i.e. not exact replicas or even dupes of outfits). First off, my budget isn’t nearly on Netflix level, nor is my rolodex as robust as stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman. Lol!

However, several incredible brands stepped up (and stepped in) to support my series concept. A heartfelt and very special thanks to the team at Tory Burch, who immediately jumped at the chance to help. Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Tory Burch team, and I want to give them my sincere thanks for championing my content. Additionally, they love the show too! It was a natural collaboration!

Also, I wholeheartedly believe that Georgina Hobart would stock up on nearly every Tory Burch item this season.

Politician Georgina Outfit Ideas

Georgina Hobart Politics

As I’ve mentioned before, my Politician photo series is designed to encourage voting and voter registration. Part of the voting process is also to research which candidates align best with your personal views.

Chicago Welles Park Gazebo

I’m not here to push a political agenda. Therefore, for the sake of this post, I thought it would be fun to talk about Georgina’s politics. If you haven’t watched the show, please note some spoilers are ahead (so stop reading here)!

In Season 2, Georgina runs for public office. Forbes wrote an article headlined, “Is America Ready For A President Paltrow? “The Politician” Sure Seems To Think So.” No, Gwyneth is not running for office, lol. Although I’m pretty sure Goop would have a lot of ideas for wellness, health, and beauty. But I digress yet again… (haha)

Tory Burch Pre Fall White Dress

The reason why I share this point is to encourage you to research all candidates. Each person’s experience, voting record, ideas, policies, and plans for the future. I’m a big proponent of giving everyone a chance, and the only way to make an informed decision is to do your due diligence.

Candidate Research Resources

Beyond When We All Vote, here are some additional voting resources. All of the websites that I’m including are non-partisan organizations:

What other questions do you have? Let me know any resources that I can help provide to make voting and voter registration easier on your end.

In Closing

As a reminder, the whole point of this series is to showcase great fashion but especially to encourage you to register to vote! You can also visit WhenWeAllVote to find voting resources, event information, and how you can get involved. 25% of net affiliate sales from the month of August 2020 from my Politician series will benefit the organization. Let me know what you think of the show and some fo your fave Georgina outfits in the comments below.

Politician Gwyneth Paltrow Style Inspiration

Dress: Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2020 Poplin Shirtdress {c/o} | Bag: Tory Burch Kira Satchel {c/o} | Shoes: Tory Burch Ines Mules {c/o} | Necklace: Tory Buch Statement Necklace {c/o} | Bracelet: Tory Burch Cuff {c/o} | Scarf: Tory Burch Embroidered Bandana {c/o} | Earrings: Vintage

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