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Tory Burch Fair Isle Sweater

Um, hi. What a week.

I saw a meme online about someone looking to cancel their seven-day trial subscription to 2021, and I think we’re all feeling that way right now. I hope you’ve been taking care of your heart, mind, and spirit this week and that you’ll find healthy ways to reflect and recharge this weekend. In times like these, I find my energy through pushing forward.

What happened on Wednesday, by design, was an intimidation. It brought those experiencing it to a halt. Remaining still, however, only allows the incendiary to achieve their goal. Speaking up, moving forward, and taking stock is what needs to be done right now. I’m so proud of my friends and fellow bloggers whom have used their platforms to oppose the hatred and violence that occurred in our nation’s Capitol and to push against the racist dialogue that immediately occurred by those trying to defend Wednesday’s insurrection.

Since there’s no easy transition from this week’s mayhem to regular, daily life, I’m not going to try and force it. Friday Charades is always one of my favorite posts to put together, as it gives me a chance to celebrate the good and thoughtful things I’ve come across in the past week as well as some items that bring joy. Sending you lots of love this Friday and for the weekend ahead.

Jennifer Lake Sperry Saltwater Heel Wool Boot
Jennifer Lake Tory Burch Burgundy Sweater

Sweater: Tory Burch Fair Isle Sweater {c/o} | Shoes: Sperry Saltwater Heel Boots {c/o} | Bag: Tory Burch Eleanor Bag {c/o} | Denim: Madewell Jeans | Eyewear: Céline Sunglasses | Jewelry: Julie Vos

Some of My Favorite Links Around the Web

● Half Baked Harvest shares her top 25 most popular recipes of 2020.

● Congratulations to Carrie, Mark, and Elle on their family’s new arrival!

● Speaking of new arrivals, I’m so happy for Liz, Dave, and the adorable addition to their family, too!

● What your New Year resolution should be based on your enneagram.

● One of my favorite reads of the week. Kate delves into her renewed commitment to being an inclusive, diverse platform and company. Accountability is everything.

● 25 movies to look forward to in 2021 (via The Atlantic)

● You have 10 minutes to spare – Danielle’s IGTV clip is a good use of that sliver of time.

● How Sleep Could Ward Off Alzheimer’s Disease (via Time)

● Loved seeing the 18 months of transformations in Mackenzie’s home!

● Home Design Trends for 2021 (via TheEverygirl)

In My Shopping Cart

● Major sale on sale going on over at Tory Burch.

● On Instagram Stories, I asked for your favorite food processor recommendations. This style was most popular pick.

● Had to re-share the $14 headband that you’ve been loving!

● Gaga for gingham. Love this blue ombré effect!

● Have you shopped the Sail to Sable x Style Charade resort or holiday collection yet? Stop by to shop the line!

● Colorful striped cardigan? Sign me up.

● How darling is this polka dot dress?

● Loving this sunglass drawer organizer. It’s been so helpful!

● The ultimate designer brooch.

● How good is this $25 iridescent air pod case?

● Bold, colorful, and ombré pumps? So good. Loving this option and this style.

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Sweater: Tory Burch Fair Isle Sweater {c/o} | Shoes: Sperry Saltwater Heel Boots {c/o} | Bag: Tory Burch Eleanor Bag {c/o} | Denim: Madewell Jeans | Eyewear: Céline Sunglasses | Jewelry: Julie Vos

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