Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Stine Goya Trapeze Dress

03.22.2019 | Friday Charades
Stine Goya Blue Jasmine Dress

Besides the Sail to Sable x Style Charade collection, my next favorite dress? The Stine Goya Trapeze Dress. Over the past few years, I’ve stocked up on countless styles from the brand. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite styles in my closet, and I’m so happy the company continues to reveal new options.

Stine Goya Trapeze Dress

From pink to blue, navy floral and black metallic print, and even lilac, the dress continues to be my go-to style for casual and formal options. Overall, the silhouette has a breezy feel. Plus, each Jasmine Dress style comes with a removable slip since the fabric is slightly see-thru.

Dolce Vita Alycia Heels

Dress: Stine Goya Blue Jasmine Dress | Shoes: Dolce Vita Alycia Heels | Eyewear: Céline White Marta Sunglasses | Jewelry: KEP Designs Yellow Drop Earrings

As you’ll see, I’ve worn the Stine Goya Trapeze Dress in a variety of different ways. Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite tips to style the overall look.

Pink Trapeze Dress

Alright, my all-time favorite option? The bubblegum pink version. Guys, I love this color SO much. In fact, I wear this style every single spring, and I consistently get countless compliments.

Every so often, the pink dress goes on sale. Therefore, it’s helpful to set-up an alert for when it goes on sale. Additionally, you can scour Poshmark for the style in your size!

When styling the pink version of the trapeze dress, I recommend pairing it with statement heels and very little accessories. In fact, I wouldn’t wear a necklace with it whatsoever unless it’s a tiny, simple gold necklace. Also, opt for a neutral small handbag to keep the focus on the dress.

2018 Create and Cultivate Chicago

Blue Jasmine Trapeze Dress

All in all, I’ve featured Stine Goya’s blue version a ton on the blog. Coupled with the fact that blue is a very pleasing color to the eye, the trapeze style pairs well with other colors, including pink, light green, and even yellow.

Personally, I prefer to add a striped sandal and pastel statement earrings. Compared to the pink, the blue is a solution for multiple occasions. In fact, add a denim jacket and sneakers, and this dress can be dressed down easily.

Stine Goya Jasmine Blue Dress

Navy Floral Trapeze

Looking for a slightly bigger statement piece? Start with the pink and navy floral color combo. Stine Goya continues to release more Jasmine dress styles in floral prints and patterns. It’s a bestseller! Of course they continue to unveil more options!

Stine Goya Jasmine Dress

Black and Gold Metallic

The most dressy style of the Stine Goya Jasmine Trapeze dress that I own? The black and gold floral metallic version. Sure, you could try to style it with all-white sneakers. Frankly, I recommend sticking with accessories and shoes with pops of gold.

Stine Goya Jasmine Dress

Lilac Trapeze Dress

Last but not certainly least, an honorable mention is this Stine Goya lilac version. Frankly, it’s the newest addition to my wardrobe, and I love the color! Here’s the catch – I found the fit to be very different than the Jasmine style. Therefore, I’d recommend sizing up if you are between sizes.

Stine Goya Farrow Dress

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