The Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Denim

The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has concluded. However, read my most current Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Guide for details on this year’s sale! See my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale denim post below!

As someone who works full-time in fashion for my job AND the blog, shopping should be my favorite activity. Sure, normally that statement is true, but there’s one category that’s the ultimate exception. DENIM. It sends me running for the hills. Thankfully, Nordstrom is known for its customers service so they always take extra care in the jeans department. In fact, this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale denim is the best it’s ever been.

Have you ever been in a department store fitting room trying on a bunch of jeans and just end up feeling bad about yourself? The sizing is all over the place, your butt looks too big/too small, and, the whole time, someone is knocking on the door every three minutes. Recently, I’ve only shopped for denim online, so I can try them on in the comfort in my home. The process is so much more seamless, and I feel much better about taking my time to find the right pair.

This year, the cropped length reigns supreme for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale denim. It’s no secret I’m obsessed with this style. In fact, they were among the best sellers at last year’s NSale, too!

The Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Denim

Cropped denim works well for so many reasons, and here’s why:

#1: Elongate Your Legs

I’m convinced cropped denim elongates your legs! At 5’4, I’m always looking for ways to appear taller. Thankfully, this jean style has been my secret weapon for the perfect optical illusion. Same goes for those who are average or tall height.

#2: Show Off Your Shoes

One of my favorite categories of accessories are shoes. In fact, it’s rare for me to give up a pair. I’m definitely a collector (let’s blame Carrie Bradshaw for that)! That said, I always want my pants and denim to be short enough to also show off my pumps, stilettos, etc. Cropped denim is the best length to do so!

#3: Perfect for all Heights and Body Types

As mentioned above, cropped denim looks great on all body types and women of all heights. You really can’t go wrong!

#4: Works for all Seasons

Cropped denim is one of few jean styles that work 365 days a year. Think about it, full length jeans are a MESS on hot summer days. They also get drenched in spring/fall when it’s raining. I truly believe cropped jeans are the most versatile style for all seasons.

#5: A Timeless Style

Cropped styles have been popular for many, many years. Audrey Hepburn, anyone? In fact, I see more designers offering options with shorter lengths than longer. Brands are clearly catching on to what women want.

What do you thing of the year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale denim? I hope you find a pair or two that work perfectly for you!  

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