Life Lately and a Tuckernuck Chloe Dress Review

The Perfect Colorful Dress
Tuckernuck Yellow Dress
Tuckernuck Chloe Dress | Striped Shoes (also seen here) | Chartreuse Handbag | Turquoise Earrings

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost in mid-April! Time is flying this year, right? April 1st is always a marker in my mind since it’s also my birthday. As such, I often find the date is the perfect time to reflect on the year and how things are going. Plus, I’m excited to share a full Tuckernuck Chloe Dress review. It’s one of their most popular styles, and I’m confident you’ll love it!

In sharing some life updates, I want to really open up about some recent struggles. Listen, I prefer live life focused on the positive things happening. One of my personal philosophies is, “action, not reaction.” In other words, be part of the solution, not the problem.

It’s not always easy, of course. But I try.

Plus, both my work and family value privacy, and I realize my words hold weight. It’s nearly impossible to disclose everything going on. In many respects, it’s tough to not be able to be 100 with you at all times. I hate it frankly.

Trust me, I will try my best to open up where possible. But there are limits, and it drives me nuts at times.

Pnk Elephant Striped Shoes

Tuckernuck Chloe Dress Review

Let’s start on a happy note! 🙂 This Tuckernuck Chloe Dress. Isn’t the style so fun? This dress has been available for some time, and the brand has continued to release new colors, patterns, and prints. In addition to the citron color (seen here), it’s also sold in black, green with a pink flower, lilac, red, and navy.

The silhouette almost feels like a 1950’s or 1960’s style – think vintage meets modern. Part Hepburn, part Grace Kelly.

One element I love is the textured cotton-blend fabric, which is sturdy so it keeps it structure. It also steams like a dream and doesn’t wrinkle easily. A solid travel dress option. Plus, it’s one of those versatile dresses that can be easily styled with heels or flats, sunnies or statement earrings, for day or night.

The Tuckernuck Chloe Dress Price

Interested in this dress? The Tuckernuck Chloe Dress retails for $298 in all color options.

Chloe Dress Fit

Here’s the only catch – if you’re between sizes, I’d recommend taking up one size in the dress. I’m typically always a size small, and find this style to be a bit more fitted in my bust than expected. Maybe it’s just my bust (although I’m a very average size).

Yellow Dress

You Better Werk

In terms of life updates, my full-time job continues to be my priority and focus. Lately, I’ve been feeling more fulfilled in the work I’m doing than ever. I love my role and the types of initiatives and projects that I get to focus on.

At the same time, I’d be lying if I didn’t disclose it’s been crazy busy. I’m busting my tail off and working longer hours than ever.

Without sharing too too much, the role at my company is focused on new business development and growing our agency. Think part strategy, part sales, and well… stress.

Turquoise Statement Earrings



Our agency is truly the best in the business, so it’s easy to connect with potential new clients about our services. I know they’ll be happy with us if they give us a chance. At the same time, we’re also in this awkward stage as a company. We’re too big for some leads, too small for others. As my boss perfectly states, “agency purgatory.”

We’re a thriving team of 40+ best-in-class professionals across three offices, and just named as a finalist for Best Consumer Agency – North America. Our team is massively blessed with a rockstar client list. We are so fortunate to work with the most amazing brands and clients.

I adore our team and our clients, and just hope that companies will continue to take a chance on us. As an side, if you ever know of a brand that’s looking for PR, influencer marketing or social media services, please drop me a note. I’d love to connect with them! We mostly focus on travel and consumer/lifestyle brands for reference. 🙂

Tuckernuck Midi Dress

Lake Home Updates

You have all been SO incredibly supportive through our lake home renovation process. Thank you! The lake home gives me oxygen. I love it so much, and I’m SO excited to share more updates soon.

As you may have noticed, we’ve been literally quiet on the home front as we evaluate the next steps of the process.

Every single decision feels big, and we are taking it slow and steady to make sure the final result is exactly what we’re looking for. At its core, our home renovation project has been a labor of love. We are in the BEST hands with our architect, designer, and builder.

Citron Chloe Dress

$298, available in multiple colors


You hear horror stories about home renovations, and we’ve been so lucky to have avoided a lot of those things. Are there some problems and hiccups here and there? Yes. But on the whole, our team has guided us in the best manner. Truly love them all!

So what’s next? Finalizing our landscape plans and interior design selections.

In case you didn’t know, landscape pricing is not for the faint of heart. Like WHOA. I’ve been incredibly focused on the inside of the home and kept my eye off the ball on the exterior side. Once we realized we needed a strong landscape architect team to guide us, we found an exceptional group to lead us through each step. They’re AMAZING.

But phew! Save those pennies, friends – who knew arbor vitae trees cost a near fortune?

Tuckernuck Chartreuse Dress

Lake Home Interior Design Updates

In terms of interior design, Amelia continues to help mentor us on decisions in the process. Here’s one thing I didn’t expect – custom designs. In the beginning, we weren’t really thinking about going the custom route. After all, I’m a blogger – I want you all to be able to buy the things you see in our home if it aligns with your personal style.

However, as we go through this process, and after learning things from our primary home design, we’re opting for more custom pieces than ever. In fact, I feel like 90% of the home features custom designs, which is exciting but also an investment.

Part of the reason why we are able to go in a custom route is because of the amount of great ideas (and relationships) that Amelia is bringing to the table. She really goes out of her way to make sure we’re getting the best price for the highest quality and caliber of materials and items. Thank you, Amelia. We appreciate you.

RL Restaurant Chicago

Bob’s Birthday

The other thing giving me oxygen lately (well, always!)? Bob. No surprise there. 🙂 We just celebrated his birthday, and it was the most wonderful occasion in recent memory. It’s easy to commemorate one of my fave people on the planet.

Simply put – we had the best time together and celebrated the occasion at RL Restaurant. Do you ever have one of those perfect days that just aligns exactly the way you’d hoped? This was it.

We typically always have the best time together. But there was something in the air on this specific birthday. We are just so happy and content. This stage of our life has been so meaningful, and it feels like we’re living in our golden years, if that makes sense. We have our health, each other, and we’re in lockstep every step of the way.

I’m so grateful. He’s simply the best.

Chicago Skyline

Primary Home Considerations

Lastly, my only struggle is our primary home. As a lifelong Chicagoan, I adore this city more than I can say. But lately, I’ve been feeling ready for change. Listen, I will do anything to stay in this town and make it work. Yet every single day seems to bring out a new stressor or complication.

This past week, Bob and I chatted about the next steps of home ownership. Where do we want to live? Do we want to stay here or move elsewhere? The list goes on and one.

While we don’t plan to make any changes in the next few years, I feel strongly that a new chapter is on the horizon. We’ll certainly stay in the Chicagoland area, but a new era feels upon us.

Citron Tuckernuck Chloe Dress Review – In Closing

Interested in shopping the Tuckernuck Chloe Dress in Citron? Shop all of the current color and print options below. I’ll make sure to update the round-up below as they release more colors.

We’re excited to share more soon!

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