Our Powder Room Redesign

All the Details of the Transformation
Jennifer Lake Powder Room
Wallpaper: Rifle Paper Co. Hydrangea Wallpaper {c/o} {available in five colors} | Art: Gray Malin Nantucket and Newport Prints {c/o} | Lighting: Mitzi Reese Wall Sconce {c/o} | Sink: Kohler Memoirs Pedestal Sink | Faucet: Kingston Brass Hamilton Faucet | Mirror: Rejuvenation Yaquina Pivot Mirror | Towel Bar: Anthropologie Lucite and Brass Towel Bar | Hand Towels: Target | Woven Covered Basket: Target | Doorknob: Emtek Providence | Soap: Compagnie de Provence | Paint Color: Benjamin Moore “Grand Rapids”

Hooray! I’m thrilled to officially unveil our powder room redesign. A few weeks ago, I shared our plans for the transformation, which included a few generous and phenomenal brand partners – Rifle Paper Co., Gray Malin, and Mitzi of Hudson Valley Lighting. Today, I’m sharing the final space and all of the finishing touches.

A very special thanks to our talented interior designer and friend, Amelia Canham Eaton, who continues to be such a valued sounding board through this process. She’s truly the best, and I’m thankful for her help and recommendations as she guides us through all the design decisions.

Powder Room Redesign

The powder room is the last space of our first floor to have been be completed. Friends, I am SO happy with how everything came together! At times, I worry the photos on my blog don’t do it justice. The space is so serene, and it has a breezy sensibility. Plus, the powder room is just off the family room (see the details of that space here), so I’m thrilled with how they compliment each other.

Jennifer Lake Gray Malin
Rejuvination Yaquina Mirror


The Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper is seriously my favorite aspect of the room. Throughout our home, I’ve loved adding pattern and colors to the various spaces. After all, I do love a great wall. 🙂 In fact, this particular print adds the perfect punch of personality. Plus, hydrangeas have a special meaning for my family; I’m thankful this print is always in bloom within the space.

For as long as I can remember, Rifle Paper Co. has been adding a dose of color, pattern, and prints to spaces. The wallpaper comes in a bunch of colors, and they also offer so many artwork options, too.

Gray Malin Print Powder Room
Target Opalhouse Lidded Wastepaper Basket


Over the past year, Amelia has taught us countless design lessons. A personal favorite? Once you update one thing, you’ll immediately notice everything else around it. She taught us to think about both big decisions and the smaller ones – like hardware.

Amelia recommended both this faucet along with the gorgeous door handle below. Beyond the beautiful brass and chic silhouette, I love the crystal clear acrylic detail. Growing up, my bedroom closet doors had crystal handles. In some ways, this small detail adds a dose of nostalgia that most guests will never even realize.

Emtek Providence Crystal Knob
Powder Room Design Ideas


Oh boy, choosing a mirror for our powder room redesign definitely have me a headache. After scouring every store I could imagine, I finally landed on this style. It ended up being the perfect addition! Originally, I thought the style would be too simple for the space. Soon enough, we realized the calm lines and classic silhouette would be great balance for the bold prints in the room. This is an option Bob stumbled upon, and I’m so thankful he sold me on the style!

Style Charade Powder Room
Brass Lucite Towel Bar Anthropologie

Gray Malin Artwork

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been excited to add a Gray Malin piece to our home. In fact, Gray Malin has been on my radar long before his incredible ascent to photography stardom. Now, his name and brand are synonymous with a brilliant lifestyle brand.

Many years ago, I pitched a collaboration between him and a PR client at the time. He had just started to slowly emerge, and I could tell he was about to hit it big. Like really big.

Spoiler alert – he did.

While my instincts aren’t always right, in this case they were. Gray has defined a new industry and lifestyle that’s admirable. He’s catapulted into the cultural zeitgeist, and he and his team continue to push boundaries.

As such, when we finally picked two pieces to put in our powder room, I wanted to them to be absolutely perfect. As always, Gray never gets a final image, photo select, or edit incorrect. However, these photos aren’t just about the destination or the way they were captured. Instead, they are examples of someone taking full control of their destiny.

The first image we chose, Castle Hill Inn, remains one of the most wonderful memories to this day. First, we got to spend time with Loren and her husband while we were in Newport. Moreover Bob and I have been able to enjoy many sunsets on The Lawn. Can a sunset be a spiritual experience? Yes. In my case, Castle Hill Inn remains one of the most wonderful places I’ve travelled domestically. I hope we get the chance to do so again soon!

The second? Well, friends – that’s even sweeter. Nantucket, The Grey Lady, ACK – our beloved island getaway where we feel happy, joyous, and truly content. We will be forever thankful for Mackenzie and Will, who have helped us understand the island even better over the years.

Brant Point, one of the edges of the island, is located on the waterfront (of course), and down the street from the White Elephant, a must-see, must-stay destination if you can. It’s one of many lovely spots on the island and a welcome sight for any ferry or sailboat approaching the wharfs.

Jennifer Lake Gray Malin Powder Room
Jennifer Lake Half Bath Design

Finishing Touches

Again, Amelia has taught us to look at small details, and this soap is one of her recommendations. You may ask, “Soap? Really?” Yes, really. We have the same brand in our both our kitchen and our powder room, and we love the scent as well as the modern, sleek, refillable bottle.

We also purchased affordable waste basket, which has a cover to hide the contents within. I really love how it adds texture and warmth into the space.

Compagnie de Provence Soap

Additionally, we discovered the sleek acrylic and brass towel bar (below). Unlike other elements, we didn’t run this purchase by Amelia, but I love the way it compliments the faucet and adds a slightly modern touch to the room. The hand towels are by Target, and they’re a great price. Originally, I wanted a monogram option, but these functional everyday towels work perfectly for now!

Anthropologie Lucite Towel Bar
Brass Powder Room Faucet

Powder Room Redesign Before Photos

In my earlier powder room redesign post, I shared how the room used to look. It was a 10/10 builders grade half bath that was in dire need of a personality. It’s amazing to see the progress and transformation of this tiny nook in our new home.


Last but certainly not least, this light made ALL of the difference. I’ve talked about my love of Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting, the same brand of fixtures you’ll find our dining room.

Mitzi, in case you haven’t seen it before, adds such amazing charm and innovative character to a space. Trust me, I’ve scoured lighting websites, and Mitzi is BRILLIANT.

I adore the sconce we chose. I looked at literally hundreds of options, but I kept coming back to this one. Maybe it’s the modern meets classic sensibility or just the fact it feels just right within the space.

Jennifer Lake Powder Room Design
Jennifer Lake Powder Room

In Closing

I truly hope you like the powder room reveal, and I’m excited to hear what you think of the space!

Special thanks to Aimée Mazzenga for capturing the first two images!

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  1. A
    Annaliese wrote:

    Oh my- this might just be the prettiest powder room I have ever seen! How lovely!

    xoxo A

    Published 10.28.20 · Leave a Reply
  2. j
    jane anne bruch wrote:

    Beautiful bathroom in every element

    Published 11.1.20 · Leave a Reply
  3. R
    Ro wrote:

    I love what you did with your powder room! It looks so soothing and is giving me ideas for our bathroom that’s similarly sized. Thank you!

    Published 11.9.20 · Leave a Reply
  4. A
    Aaron Meyer wrote:

    Where did you purchase the brass mint julep cup and flower display?

    Published 5.2.22 · Leave a Reply
    • J

      Thanks for your comment! Our designer sourced that for us from one of her local contacts. The flowers are simple dried hydrangea, I believe. Mark & Graham has some amazing silver mint julep cups, and I’ve seen brass options on Amazon in the past, too. Have a great day!

      Published 5.2.22 · Leave a Reply
  5. K
    Karin Rettger wrote:

    So cute. I loved it so much I redecorated my bathroom and used your helpful links for ordering everything.

    Published 9.2.23 · Leave a Reply


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