Where to Buy the Best Decorative Pillows

Comprehensive Guide to Pillows
Arianna Belle Hummingbird Pillow

Where are the best places to buy decorative pillows? After all, home accessories add character and charm to any rooms. Since redesigning our home, decorative pillows have become one of my favorite additions to spaces.

Best Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows and transform a space. Furthermore, they add texture and warmth… the list goes on and on. At the same time, finding beautiful pillow options? It’s much trickier than you might think.

Breakfast Nook Floral Pillows

Sure, neutral accent pillows are readily available. Looking for a faux fur ivory pillow? Got you! What about a gray velvet option? Done! However, colorful decorative pillows can be hard to find.

If you’re like me, I’m always on the hunt for vibrant accent pillows. Even whimsical prints and patterns. However, they’re hard to find! Therefore, I wanted to share my list of best resources of where to buy the best decorative pillows.

Decorative Pillow Advice

Below, I’ve listed my favorite websites and brands for decorative pillows. Keep in mind, most brands sell their pillow covers and inserts separately. Be sure to budget for both pieces and don’t be caught off guard when things arrive in the mail. Yes, that definitely happened to me the first time! 🙂

Prior to jumping into the decorative pillows guide, I wanted to share some quick advice.

Affordable Pillow Inserts

First and foremost, buy affordable pillow inserts on Amazon instead of expensive styles from other sites. In home design, budget restrictions come into play, and it’s helpful to find ways to save money. Pillow inserts is definitely one way to do so.

Also, Arianna Belle (below), gave me the best advice to purchase one size bigger in each pillow insert. She explained the larger size fills in the pillows and makes them look larger. She was 100% right!

Arianna Belle Floral Pillow

Arianna Belle

Speaking of Arianna Belle, she kicks off the guide in style with her fashionable pillow selection. I love here designs SO much. In fact, her pillows are featured in both our living and family rooms. I can’t get enough of her floral options and velvet designs. The quality is superb, and the prices are very reasonable.

She’s also such a delightful person! I love working and collaborating with entrepreneurs who truly go above and beyond to support other women. Arianna does that, and I’m so thankful to be continuing my partnership with her.

Arianna Belle Pillows

Caitlin Wilson

Soon, I will be posting a more in-depth about Caitlin Wilson featuring her impeccable collection. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that I’m such a fan. Overall, Caitlin Wilson is easily one of my all-time favorite interior design brands. She just gets me.

She understands a lot about people’s personal style! I highly recommend checking out her gorgeous pillow options (and beyond). You will love it!

Caitlin Wilson Pillows

Crate & Barrel

Chicago-based Crate & Barrel is a perennial favorite, and their decorative pillows don’t disappoint. Seriously! In fact, I’d argue that this fall features some of their best throw pillows ever. Plush velvets and candy-colored hues reign supreme, and it makes me so happy!

Crate Barrel Decorative Pillows

Jayson Home & Garden

Chicago-based Jayson Home & Garden is beloved by countless Windy City residents. Thankfully, they ship nationwide, and I highly recommend checking out their unique, curated selection of pillows and textiles. Heck, spend your time perusing their entire website. Their award-winning boutique is truly one of the finest.

Jayson Home Garden Pillows

Little Design Co.

Our interior designer, Amelia, recommended Little Design Co. to us for our living room. We purchased this style, and we’ve been fans ever since. Overall, the fabric is SO soft and quality is superb. We are fans, and we’ll definitely be supporting the brand in other rooms in our home!

Little Design Co Pillows

Lo Home

Lo Home by Lauren Haskell Designs is a relatively new-to-me brand, but I’ve already fallen in love with her decorative styles. Yes, she’s mostly known for her gorgeous ginger jars, but her pillow selection is also superb. You can’t go wrong with her Greek Key collection or print options.

Lo Home Pillow Covers

Society Social

Oh, Roxy. Where do we start? In case you’ve been living under a rock, Society Social is expanding like CRAZY, and I am here for it! Roxy Te, the owner, is a superwoman and creates the most divine designs. From palm print to floral options, there are plenty of playful patterns to choose from.

Society Social Pillows


No list is complete without Target. If you’re on the hunt for affordable options, Target is a wonderful solution. They change out their pillows seasonally so there’s always something new and fresh.

Target Throw Pillows

In Closing

Where are some of your favorite places to buy decorative pillows? Share your go-to websites and brands below! In closing, I hope this guide was helpful! Keep me posted about some of your favorite styles!

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