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How to Add a Pop of Color to an Outfit

Embracing a Vibrant Wardrobe

Color is my brand. It only takes two seconds of scrolling my Instagram or LTK page to figure that out. But, really, this is a little counter culture. A lot of the industry is trending towards neutrals and modern gray-scale. Because of this, adding color to your outfit can be a little intimidating! Especially if you’re not used to styling with bold hues.

Life Lately

Thought I’d pop in and share some updates as we close out August (*cues Taylor Swift*). Read more in today’s post.

Why Netflix’s Partner Track is More Than Just Outfits

Outfit Inspiration But So Much More

Have you seen the newly released Netflix series, Partner Track? Friends, drop what you’re doing, forget your current watching list, and start this show faster than you can say, “McQueen.” Beyond the great plot line, there’s style inspiration for days. Today, I wanted to dive into the best Partner Track outfits and how to achieve the main character, Ingrid Yun’s outfit inspiration.

12 Wide Waist Belts for Dresses

Styling Tips for Wide Belts

If you’ve ever looked at my Instagram or blog for even a second, you know I LOVE a good dress. They’re comfortable, fun, and they always look totally luxurious. And, let’s be honest, half the joy of wearing a dress comes from accessorizing. Seriously, you can dress up or dress down and rock any style you want. Dresses are super versatile!

20 Summer Travel Outfits to Inspire Your Travels

Ideas from Work to Weekend

One of the best parts of summer is all the travel! It’s a great time to explore the world, whether you’re headed to the cool beaches of Nantucket (my favorite vacation destination) or the historic downtown streets of London. No matter your destination, you need some fresh outfits to make the most out of your vacation! Plus, new outfits are a great way to feel pampered.

This Week’s Friday Charades


I hope your week has been as wonderful as could be! As with previous Friday Charades, I’m sharing a round-up of my favorite links to read along with the best items shop around the web. Wishing you a relaxing weekend ahead!

Top: For Now x Dudley Stephens Terry Park Slope Turtleneck in Nantucket Sunrise | Shorts: vineyard vines White Denim Shorts | Shoes: Hermès Oran Sandals {more affordable version here} | Hat: Lorna Murray Market Hat

How to Embrace Dopamine Dressing

A Vibrant Trend for 2022 and Beyond!

Dopamine Dressing would be one of the hottest fashion trends of 2022. Think neon handbags and nail polishes, primary colored dresses, and everything in between. Read more on why dopamine dressing is not just about what you wear, rather it’s all about what makes you feel good. 

Dress: Something Navy Pleated Tie Waist Long Sleeve Maxi Dress | Necklace: Open Edit Wavy Resin Link Collar Necklace | Bag: Mansur Gavriel Clutch | Shoes: Christian Louboutin


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