Five Ways to Style the Dudley Stephens Greenpoint Fleece

Five New Hues of my Favorite Turtleneck!
Dudlet Stephens Fuchsia Pink Turtleneck

Certain wardrobe pieces become instant classics. Case in point? The Dudley Stephens Greenpoint Fleece {shop all the new colors here}. First off, I’m a huge fan of the brand. In fact, they’ve become one of my ultimate essentials. Easily one of my top 10 staples in my closet. So much so, that I have a one of the biggest drawers in my closet solely dedicated to my DS fleece! Comfortable, warm, and soft, Dudley Stephens fleeces keep you cozy while still looking stylish. Furthermore, the new Dudley Stephens Greenpoint Fleece offers the perfect length for a top. Basically, it’s their “midi” style. Not too short, not too long, just right!

Dudley Stephens Lilac

Dudley Stephens Greenpoint Fleece

Today (at 10:00 AM ET), Dudley Stephens is debuting five colors of their Greenpoint Fleece style, including bubble gum pink, kelly green, lavender, periwinkle, and pink. It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite hue, right? Therefore, I wanted to show the incredible and versatile ways that you can style all the new colors of this turtleneck. Best of all, the Dudley Stephens Greenpoint Fleece can be worn with jeans, joggers, cropped pants, and leggings. However, I also find they’re extremely easy to dress up, too. Furthermore, their fleeces are not just for fall and winter.

In fact, I tend to reach for them in spring and summer, too. I tend to run pretty cold at home and in my work office, so I love to wear my DS turtlenecks to keep comfortable. Plus, the fabric is breathable, so I never get too overheated when wearing it.

Dudley Stephens Pink Greenpoint Turtleneck

About the Dudley Stephens Brand

Are you new to the Dudley Stephens? If so, there are a few things that you should know. First and foremost, their team is AMAZING. Seriously. I’m a big believer that great brands start with phenomenal people. Their collection is full of classics, and I wear their pieces nearly every single week. However, their team also has a big heart, and they’re a joy to work with. Truthfully, that’s not always the case in fashion. It’s rare, and I’m so thankful to partner with them in both formal capacities and even in more casual circumstances.

Also, I love their collection is eco-conscious, and everything is made with innovative, recycled fabrics. Additionally, their versatile line is full of pieces that you’ll have in your closet forever. I love the way their team plays with colors, new fabrics, styles, etc.

Jennifer Lake Palm Print Skirt
Dudley Stephens Lavender Fleece

Other Dudley Stephens Turtleneck Styles

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with Dudley Stephens over the years. Some other turtleneck styles I’ve featured include the hip-length Park Slope (posts here + here) and the tunic-length Cobble Hill (in this post). Plus, their outerwear and joggers and faves of mine for flights (see details in this post)! In short, I’m “Dudley Devoted” to say the least!

Dudley Stephens Kelly Green Trutleneck
Blush Pink Pleated Tulle Tiered Midi Skirt

#DSGives and Giving Back

Beyond creating phenomenal items, Dudley Stephens is a brand that gives back. I love they have a heart for doing good in the world. Through their #dsgives program, they provide financial and in-kind support via partnerships with St. Jude Children’s Research HospitalⓇ and local organizations like Bundles of Joy.

Blue Tiered Tulle Midi Skirt
Jennifer Lake Multicolor Maxi Skirt

Dudley Stephens Size Guide

Prior to buying a Dudley Stephens piece, be sure to check out their comprehensive size guide. In fact, I find their’s to be much more thorough than most other brands! Normally, I find the turtlenecks to fit true to size and the joggers to fit slightly large. If you feel in between sizing on the turtleneck, go down a size if you plan to tuck it into skirts and pants and prefer a fitted look. Should you like your look to be loose and untucked, go up one size.

Dudley Stephens Neon Pink
J. Crew Collection Stripe Sequin Skirt
Dudley Stephens Blue Greenpoint Turtleneck

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