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Iris Apfel H&M
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Over the past few years, I’ve loved previewing the new H&M designer collaborations. From Simone Rocha to Brock Collection and even lemlem, the brand is always bringing fresh concepts and curated collections to the masses. Next up? The H&M Iris Apfel collection. Friends, this capsule line has so many phenomenal pieces.

Furthermore, the Iris Apfel x H&M collection will celebrate Iris Apfel’s 100th birthday with bold, vibrant womenswear pieces, jewelry, and accessories. Additionally, the H&M Iris Apfel collection is bound to FLY off the website. Trust me, most items will sell out within the first hour. This fact should not pressure you to buy anything – truly! I just know many of you get upset when things are gone in minutes. Therefore, I wanted to give you a head start by showcasing the pieces you should keep your eye on!

H&M Iris Apfel collection

Shop the H&M Iris Apfel Collection

What is the H&M Iris Apfel Collection?

Alright, buckle up for a delicious collection of whimsical textures, playful patterns, and sophisticated silhouettes cuts. There are 38 total pieces ranging from jacquard embellished flats, her signature chunky jewelry and statement rings, a gorgeous jacquard suit with peapod embroidery and pearl peas.

Iris Apfel explained, “I think H&M is fabulous and is an absolute pioneer in its field – which I love! I love doing high style at affordable prices, which H&M has mastered!”

Iris Apfel Clothing Collection

Iris Apfel is a true fashion icon. She recently celebrated her 100th birthday, but she shows no signs of slowing down. The Iris Apfel x H&M collection pays homage to her unique style and is to launch in select H&M stores and online in March.

You’ll also find a voluminous frilled tulle jacket. So dreamy! Plus, a flouncy tiered skirt and blouse combo in a lovely iris flower print adds a dose of feminine pieces. The outfits are a kaleidoscope of spectacular colors, including canary yellow, emerald green, bright violet, vivid turquoise, and sunset orange.

Looking to accessorize the outfits? Check out her lineup of chunky statement jewelry and accessories. The accessories draw on themes, including plants, animals, and treasures from another world.

Best of all, the entire collection is designed utilizing recycled and sustainably sourced materials.

HM fashion icon collection
photo courtesy of H&M

When Does the Iris Apfel x H&M Launch in the U.S?

According to the H&M website, the Iris Apfel x H&M collection will be available in select H&M stores and online starting for U.S. shoppers today, April 14, 2022 (the rest of the world shops it on March 31, 2022).

H&M is very good about these capsule collections going live on time. Furthermore, a special insider shopping tip – the H&M app tends to upload new collections faster than the company’s actual website. Surprising, but true! I found this to be especially true in the last Circular Collection release.

HM fashion icon collection spring

Who is Iris Apfel?

Onee world’s 50 best-dressed women, Iris Apfel’s iconic personal style features bright clothes, fiery individualism, and spectacular fashion. She promotes the notion that style and inspiration may come from anywhere and from everyone, regardless of financial means. The Iris Apfel x H&M collection highlights her more-is-more approach, and it features a variety of exquisite pieces for everyone. Iris Apfel’s uncompromising independence and unique sense of style are infused in the apparel and accessories.

H&M Iris Apfel blouse


HM spring 2022


Iris Apfel Collection skirt


Iris Apfel x H&M


Her career has been phenomenal. In fact, she’s an entrepreneur, interior designer and even had a contract at the White House that spanned nine presidencies. Iris was born in the Big Apple in 1921. Her profession is as inspiring as her style, and she studied art and fashion at prestigious universities in the United States. She is a successful self-made entrepreneur, fashion designer, and interior decorator. With her oh-so-famous “why be boring?” attitude, she has always been successful in her various career routes. If you happen to be in New York City, you’ll immediately identify “the Big Apfel.”

Iris dresses for herself and herself exclusively, with vibrant attire, layers upon layers of amusing accessories, and thick, round, huge glasses. This has prompted people all around the world to develop and cherish their own personal style.

Additionally, in 2005, she had a show at the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Oh, and she even had a modeling contract at age 97. #goals

In Closing

What are your favorite pieces from the H&M Iris Apfel Collection? I’m excited to shop the line during today’s official U.S. launch! Lastly, if you’re an international reader, you can start shopping on March 31, 2022.

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