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All of the Details of the 2/13 Launch
Jennifer Sumko Antonio Melani

Save the date! On Monday, February 13th, the Jennifer Sumko Dillards x Antonio Melani collection will officially drop exclusively on Dillard’s website and in select stores. Similar to past launches with Nicola Bathie and Born on Fifth, the Jennifer Sumko x Antonio Melani collection will feature a vast but curated array of statement styles.

Expect a lot of dresses with ruffles, trims, statement collars, and more, along with a beautiful selection of shoes.

Jennifer Sumko Dillards Collection

Bold with feminine details to take you throughout both spring and summer. Based on Sumko’s social media channels, the collection is inspired by a love of all things wallpaper and textiles, and each piece embodies an affinity for interiors.

Posh patterns and prints can be seen throughout the collection, ranging from sea shells and greenery to ginghams and floral prints. For those pattern shy shoppers, this limited-edition Antonio Melani collection also features several stylish solid pieces, including gorgeous greens, pinks, reds, and neutrals.

Additionally, the Jennifer Sumko Dillards collection features an array of shoes – mostly flats. I especially love the blue and yellow mules that she’s featured on her social media channels. So chic! The bright green flats are also fabulous (below).

Jennifer Sumko Collection
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Sumko + Dillards

Who is Jennifer Sumko?

To be transparent, I wasn’t familiar with Jen Sumko prior to learning about her upcoming launch for the Antonio Melani collection. I’m so glad to be introduced to her and her personal style!

Jen is the founder of Jen Sumko Vint, a curated selection of vintage home, accessories, and fashion items. Additionally, she is a former marketer and also a photographer, so she understands countless aspects of running (and growing a business). Her love of history and design also makes her the perfect person to design a clothing line thanks to her adoration of prints, patterns, and beyond.

Additionally, I read that she calls herself an “accidental botanist,” which also makes a lot of sense since flowers, plants, and greenery are woven throughout her collection. 

 With an emphasis on wallpaper and textiles, Jen transforms nooks, rooms, and whole homes into charming spaces that bring you joy every day.

Jennifer Sumko Dillards
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Sumko + Dillards

Antonio Melani Collection

New to the Antonto Melani collection? The first thing to know is the brand is phenomenal. Truly! Dillards is Antonio Melani’s largest women’s apparel brand, and the collection officially launched in 2001. Antonio Melani’s mission is to curate a high-end collection that evokes sophistication through tailoring, yet stays current through styling and attitude. They offer trendy silhouettes, luxe materials, and above all – attention to detail.

Plus, there’s always unexpected styles that peak your interest from season to season. One minute there’s a chic spring dress, and the next there’s a fitted blazer and work pants. From women’s apparel to accessories, handbags, shoes to even home décor – there’s truly something for everyone.

Above all, the price points are reasonable for the quality and caliber of items that you receive in the mail, with most items ranging from $100-$395. From trims to fabrics, zippers to ruffles, every single detail of the items has been thought through. You can just tell!

Antonio Melani size guide
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Sumko + Dillards

Fit Guide

Overall, I’ve also found the majority of Antonio Melani items to fit true to size. Keep in mind each silhouette can vary, but everything seems to fit properly from what I’m seeing from the Jennifer Sumko collection preview.

You can find the entire Antonio Melani size guide here.

Jennifer Sumko Dillards Dress
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Sumko + Dillards

Jen Sumko’s Design Philosophy

Her design philosophies and approach to design consulting doesn’t stop with interiors. Jen embraces pattern, color, and personality in fashion and statement accessories. Her personal style is one of comfort, ease, and eclecticism.

Jennifer Sumko Cove Butterfly Open Platform Mules


When Does the Jennifer Sumko Dillards x Antonio Melani Collection Launch?

The Jennifer Sumko Dillards x Antonio Melani collection will officially launch on Monday, February 13, 2023. The official launch will take place at 11 a.m. EST / 10 a.m. CST. Thankfully, Dillards does a phenomenal job of stocking up on inventory. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about getting the style you want.

The best bet is to click over to this landing page and refresh immediately at 11 a.m. EST.

Jennifer Sumko Dresses
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Sumko + Dillards

Dillards Event

Arizona friends – Jennifer Sumko will be in-store at Dillard’s Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall on launch day (February 13th). Jen happens to live in Arizona, so this makes so much sense! If you have a chance, stop by the event to see everything in-person.

Jennifer Sumko Laminerva Slingback Seashell Dress Flats


Antonio Melani Collection with Nat Note

Also, stay tuned for more exciting Antonio Melani collection drops – including with The Nat Note! From what I’ve seen, the collection is super vibrant and arriving this spring, so stay tuned for even more info about this exciting line and launch!

Here’s also a preview of other items from Antonio Melani’s Spring 2023 collection.

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