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#LKTDay 2020’s LTKDay 2020 is officially here!! In case you’re unfamiliar, LTKDay 2020 is a curated compilation of sales with key brands and retailers. It’s simple – the day is designed to give you sales on brands ranging from fashion to skincare, home décor and beyond. These sales are exclusive to the app, and I’ll be posting my picks on my account @JenniferLake.

LTKDay 2020 Details

Below, I’m also sharing a very curated list of items below from LTKDay 2020 that I actually use and feature in my closet, skincare closet and home. There are several brands participating, but these are the items I believe in the most:


Okay, I had the start with Frontgate. Friends, Frontgate is phenomenal. I believe to be a great brand, you need to be a better business. The people of any company are the heartbeat of a brand. It’s a true testament to the fact that I have had the best customer service with Frontgate moreover than any other company I’ve worked with. They are responsive, flexible, communicative and incredibly kind.

And, to top it off, the products live up to the hype. We partnered with them with for the unveiling our outdoor patio and I’ve been so impressed with everything from the sectional to the side tables, beautiful outdoor umbrella to the accent pillows.

Jennifer Lake Frontgate Patio Chicago

We still have a LOT of gorgeous and beautiful outdoor weather coming our way, so I highly recommend starting with their outdoor pieces. I’ve featured a few pieces below.

At the same time, I’ve also had the privilege of seeing their indoor furniture and décor. Our primary bedroom features nearly 90% Frontgate pieces, and the bed, nightstands and bench have blown us away. I TRULY mean this statement when I say it – we will be Frontgate’s #1 fans for life.

Jennifer Lake Frontgate Bedroom
Jennifer Lake Bedroom Frontgate


Several years ago, I had the chance to partner with Boden quite often. Whenever Bob and I would travel to various places around the country and of course – London, I’d be sure to capture some images of Boden’s beautiful fashion, accessories, and outfits. A few times – we brought apparel and accessories to Los Angeles to photograph as well. Over time, I lost touch with their PR & Marketing team, but my love of their company, quality, and composition continues. Here are some fave picks below.

Sam Edelman

Gah! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sam Edelman. Seriously. If you look at past outfit photos on the blog, you’ll notice a BUNCH of Sam Edelman shoes, sandals, and boots paired with everything from gowns to casual looks. In fact, I have never (I mean this!) sold, donated, or thrown out a pair of my shoes from this brand. The quality is superb, and while they aren’t considered “designer” footwear, I’d put them up against any luxury brand.

Style Charade Skirt Flip


After hearing that Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer sells every 20 seconds. Umm, what?! Well, after hearing that stat, I went straight to their website to purchase a few shades of the concealer. In short – it’s awesome.

In truth – I’m a big believer you need to combine multiple shades to get your perfect color. You should always go 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation to lift your under-eye area and the center of your face (i.e. t-zone). I’m a fan!

The Styled Collection

This is a new-to-me brand, but I absolutely love their selection of jewelry and accessories – especially their necklaces and bracelets. The prices are fantastic, and they’re giving 40% off exclusively for #LTKDay 2020. Here are some of my fave picks below!

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Want to learn more about the #LTKDay? Visit my account at @JenniferLake on the app for more details. Happy shopping!

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