My Review of the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation

The Perfect Medium Weight Foundation
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In the past, I haven’t done a ton of lengthy beauty reviews on Style Charade. Don’t get me wrong – I love love love all things makeup, haircare and skincare. Simply put – few products ever really “wow” me. However, every once in a blue moon, an item becomes an instant classic and I need to share it with you! Enter NARS Light Reflecting Foundation.

Friends, this medium-weight foundation is SO good. I feel it’s almost irresponsible not to tell you about it, haha! As someone with acne-prone skin, foundations are my #1 go-to makeup product. In fact, you know that random question, “what is the top item would you bring to a remote island?” My answer? Well…. sunscreen first… but quickly followed by foundation. 🙂

NARS Light Reflecting Foundation Review

Behind-the-scenes, I’m a HUGE lover of beauty and skincare. My bathroom is filled to the brim with makeup, hair tools, moisturizers and everything in between. Read my drugstore makeup, nighttime skincare and winter daytime skincare routine posts for proof! 🙂

Foundation wise? Slightly embarrassing, but I own 8-10 at any given time. Some have been disappointing (like this one), others have been decent but break me out (like this one). Others are superb but I now prefer the new NARS foundation over them.

Before diving into a NARS Light Reflecting Foundation review, I also want to share my go-to drugstore foundation. This one is impeccable, friends. Timeless, classic, effortless, amazing. I ADORE it (especially for the price point) and give it my highest recommendation! In fact, it gives slightly more coverage than the NARS one, so if you’re looking for a medium to full coverage foundation – this option is for you.

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My Criteria for a Good Foundation

Over time, I’ve started to realize everyone has different things they’re looking for in a foundation. Therefore, I wanted to level set and share my main criteria for a good foundation. Keep in mind, I have combination skin but it tends to be more oily than anything. Here’s what I typically look for:

LONGEVITY: Will it last a full day wear test? I need foundations to stay put from morning, noon and midnight.

COVERAGE: As Nikki Tutorials says, “I’m a full coverage QUEEN.” I’m prefer full coverage foundations for everyday and special occasions. Covering up age spots, discoloration and acne scars? Yes please! However, with the pandemic, my tastes have evolved and I like opting for more medium foundations. Think “your skin but better” formulas. The NARS certainly falls into this category.

NARS Light Reflecting Foundation

$49 for 1-fluid ounce


BREAK OUT FACTOR: Some ingredients in foundation formulas break me out. My skin is crazy sensitive. Therefore, I have to be very careful about which foundations I use. NARS hasn’t broken me out yet.

LOOK + FEEL: I love foundations that don’t actually feel like wearing foundation. Does that make sense? Something lightweight and airy. Also, nothing too dewy. As someone with combination skin, foundations need to dull the shine while still giving dimension to my skin.

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How to Apply the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation

When the foundation came out, NARS showed it being applied by hand in all marketing collateral and advertisements. The pump makes it super easy to apply to any tool or by hand. However, I don’t recommend this method. First, it’s not very hygienic nor actually effective.

Instead, I recommend using a foundation brush to apply everything. I find it makes everything more even and buildable. Looking for a solid option? This foundation brush is my absolute favorite. It’s SOOOOOO good. The synthetic hairs are soft and silky. Plus, it’s cruelty-free foundation brush that makes it easy to build, blend, and buff. HUGE fan.

RARE Beauty Foundation Brush



I also love this one, which has a flat kabuki top. With 1,400+ five-star reviews and endless influencer recommendations, Choosing which one to apply honestly just depends on my mood every day, lol. However, if you are planning to only pick one, I’d go with this liquid foundation brush.

In Closing

Between the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation and the drugstore gem, I don’t need any other option. I truly give this makeup must-have my highest recommendation!

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