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Sail to Sable Jennifer Lake

Happy Friday! I’m thrilled to share that, due to the wait list and demand, the Style Charade x Sail to Sable restock is here! Several of our summer capsule collection styles sold out, and the STS team reordered them. You can still shop the Emma, Charlotte, Kenz, and Anne dresses! My hope is for everyone who likes the style to be able to get their hands on it.

Jenn Lake Charlotte Leaf
Jennifer Lake Kenz Sail to Sable

My sincere thanks to the entire STS team for their continued support. Shop the Sail to Sable x Style Charade restock below!


Some of My Favorite Links Around the Web

● The disparity in influencer collaborations and pay has to stop for the industry moving forward.

● Dear influencers: Are you really an ally? An important read from Alicia.

● “5 Practical Ways to Cut Back on “Doomscrolling” via Mashable.

● 20+ ways to wear tulle? Here for this guide!

● Speaking of my Politician series, I love Jess’s comprehensive guide to voting from home.

● Adore Jillian’s round-up of colorful outfits! They make me so happy!

● Appreciate Ceta’s candid blog post about why she doesn’t like saying she’s a single mom or has an ex-husband.

● It’s always fun to see my friend’s design plans for their home. Love Megan’s Parisian design inspiration.

● Why invest in a tennis skirt this summer?

● Congrats to Gene and team on the launch of the P&P Creative Club! I’m excited to be a part of it! Be sure to check it out.

● How great is this mom and me try-on session by Jean?

● “Why We Grow Numb To Staggering Statistics — And What We Can Do About It” via NPR

● Defining your personal style in the age of Instagram.

● 15 dresses under $150!

● Gorgeous green suit featured on one of my fave Chicago gals!

● While we’re not parents, I’ve bookmarked this list for future baby gifts for friends and family.

In My Shopping Cart

● You voted on what I should wear to #rStheCon 2020. Here’s the most popular pick!

● Thrilled this dress is finally on-sale! The same line makes so many other cute floral options, too!

● Matching face mask and headband? Sign me up!

● These bold and colorful earrings have my name written all over it!

● I’m particular about sunnies! Love these! I own a few pairs from the same brand and love the quality for the price point.

● The perfect purple and blue striped dress.

● Speaking of stripes, I think this dress would look great on everyone!

● The ultimate chic constellation headband (only $14).

● Fabulous fall dress. Plus, the brand has so many statement silhouettes!

● Pretty pink cozy ruffle sweater.

● Okay, this white top is positively delightful!

Recently on Style Charade

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