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Napa Valley Packing List

Must-Have Items for a Great Trip

Ahh . . . wine country. California’s Napa Valley is a dream not only for their legendary wine, but for the beautiful scenery, unforgettable experiences, and fantastic hotel accommodations. (You better be staying at the Four Seasons.) Napa Valley is one of my favorite vacation destinations, and no matter how many times I go, I still find more to love about this Cali oasis.

How to Style a Ruffle Dress

Tips & Tricks to Wearing the Style

When was the last time you wore a ruffle dress? Was it when you were a child or teen? Or, maybe you’re like me and you’re still donning these feminine textile masterpieces. Ruffle dresses are not only appropriate for adults, but they come in a ton of fashionable designs that range from casual grunge to romantic evening wear.

How to Plan Your Outfits for the Week

Stress Free Tips to Organize Life

Friends, life gets super busy. Whether you’re married, single, child free, or a member of a huge family, your schedule fills up FAST. It’s just the pace of the world right now. But, when you can get a foothold in the chaos and prepare for each day, you can achieve that idyllic feeling of peace and control!

12 New Year’s Eve Party Outfits

A Dozen Looks to Ring in 2023

Today, I’m sharing a dozen New Year’s Eve outfits for a casual or formal party. There are both dresses and two-piece ensembles to make sure you get the perfect look for the occasion and the weather.

Dress: Sail to Sable x Style Charade Tracy Embellished Dress | Bag: kate spade new york Metallic Tweed Smile Bag | Shoes: Loeffler Randall Platinum Natalia Heels

10 Plaid Dresses for Fall

Posh Plaid Styles to Wear Now

Plaid is one of those timeless patterns that’s never gone out of style. Like ever. Whether you’re rocking a flannel over a blouse or wearing a classic plaid mini skirt, chances are you have some plaid in your closet.

This is great, because plaid is the perfect bold print for any time of year, but especially fall! It’s extremely flattering on almost any body type, and it looks great on a variety of fabrics and garments. I love plaid on dresses, because it’s bold and exciting without being too loud and overpowering. Moreover, it’s festive regardless of your color schemes.

How to Style an All Black Outfit

Tips + Tricks for Styling Black Outfits

All black outfits? I know what you’re thinking. I adore all things colorful! How could I talk about all black outfits? But, the truth is, I love to wear all black outfits. They’re naturally elegant, flattering, and totally chic.

How to Add a Pop of Color to an Outfit

Embracing a Vibrant Wardrobe

Color is my brand. It only takes two seconds of scrolling my Instagram or LTK page to figure that out. But, really, this is a little counter culture. A lot of the industry is trending towards neutrals and modern gray-scale. Because of this, adding color to your outfit can be a little intimidating! Especially if you’re not used to styling with bold hues.

How to Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

Ideas Big and Small

As some of you may remember, Bob and I recently bought a lake house. It’s a total dream come true, and this spring, we’ve been getting settled and planning out our remodel. We went with something budget friendly. So, it’s got plenty of opportunities for updating and upgrading. Which isn’t a bad thing—I am in love with the idea of making this Wisconsin waterfront relic into a true Midwestern meets coastal masterpiece.


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