How to Style an All Black Outfit

Tips + Tricks for Styling Black Outfits
MM LaFleur Wide Leg Denim | How to Style an All Black Outfit

All black outfits? I know what you’re thinking. I adore all things colorful! How could I talk about all black outfits? But, the truth is, I love to wear all black outfits. They’re naturally elegant, flattering, and totally chic.

Of course, I have my own Style Charade spin on it, but the point is – all black outfits aren’t off limits. Not even for me! Anyone can pull off a completely black outfit. The simplicity and effortless beauty of black ensembles makes them approachable, timeless, and appropriate for any occasion. So, without further ado (and anymore made up nicknames) here’s my guide to wearing all black outfits:  

Jennifer Lake Manolo Blahnik BB Pump

How to Style an All Black Outfit

Play with fabrics and textures. 

The idea that an all-black outfit will look too plain and basic is the primary reason people shy away from them. But, guys, that’s a total myth! You can make black outfits totally pop with a mixture of fabrics. Just find pieces that vary in weight, texture, and shade to make something really stylish and visually interesting. 

Use jewelry to elevate the look. 

Accessories are the easiest way to elevate an outfit. Finding great jewelry that shimmers with luxurious metallic finishes will instantly take your look from drab to fab. If you’re worried your outfits might not feel as polished as your normal ensembles, add quality earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to create something sophisticated and fashion-forward. 

How to Style Layered Black Outfit

Highlight statement pieces. 

Black clothes are the perfect frame for statement jewelry, shoes, and handbags. These bold accessories against an all-black canvas will draw attention to your original piece. So, if you have some wild heels, an eclectic purse, or a dynamic necklace, rock it with an entirely black look! This is especially exciting if the accessories have color. All the black will really make those pieces pop.

Cheat with patterns. 

There are plenty of outfits on this list that are truly all black. But, hey, we can cheat a little. Fashion doesn’t have hard-and-fast rules! If you want an easy way to create dimension in your black ensembles, use patterns! There might be other shades of black or colors in the pattern, but we’ll count it. It’s a really simple way to define your figure and create visual interest, so go for it!

Ann Taylor Plaid Outfit

All Black Outfits for Ladies 

Lacy Black Dress with Nude Accents

First up, I have a lacy black dress outfit! The lace has nude fabric tucked underneath, which totally works for an all black outfit. The color matches your skin and doesn’t read as color at all! So, don’t be afraid to add nude accents to your all black look to give it some flavor. It’s the perfect hack!

To further accessorize, I added black booties, black tights, black sunglasses, and a black Gucci bag. The shiny textures of the shoes, glasses, and purse perfectly contrasts the matte tights and lacy dress. This look works so well with all the varying textures! 

Jennifer Lake Black White Stripe Dress
Black and White Striped Dress

Here’s a black and white wide striped dress that is effortlessly flattering and stylish! The bold, thick lines keep the design understated yet eye-catching, while the dress and sweater shape your figure. Accessorizing is super easy too! Just grab more black and white pieces like the Kate Spade bag and the Lele Sadoughi pearl headband. So simple and so chic!

Black Collared Dress and Statement Handbag 

This black dress is for all you professionals out there! It has plenty of coverage and the cutest white collar. It’s reminiscent of a white button up, while getting all the shaping benefits from a LBD. 

Simply pair this with your favorite shades, work-ready heels, and a statement handbag. The purse could have an interesting shape, bold color, or unusual size. Just let it be a little wild to bring some excitement to your workday. 

Tuxedo Dress and Gold Jewelry

Here’s another professional look. This tuxedo dress will make you feel like you’re wearing a powerful black suit to the office (or wherever you’re going). Yet, it’s still feminine and totally chic. It features double-breasted silver buttons, pockets, long sleeves, and a plunging neckline. Once you’ve got the dress, spice it up with gold jewelry and daring black pumps. You’ll definitely turn heads!

Black and White Polka Dot Dress 

I love patterns! The polka dot print combined with the poofy shape of the dress is just SO adorable and fun. Black doesn’t always have to be edgy! Moreover, the wide shoulders and skirt with the fitted waist creates a flattering hourglass figure. Once you add pearl or gold jewelry, black shoes, and your favorite shades, you’ll be ready to take the town! 

Black Wrap Wide Leg Jumpsuit | How to Style an All Black Outfit
Jumpsuit with Gucci Belt

Jumpsuits. They’re naturally flattering, easy to style, and so comfortable. I love this one from Ali & Jay, and making it into an outfit is a breeze. A waist belt and a quality handbag will take the jumpsuit from a plain piece to a dynamic ensemble.

For shoes? Go neutral or bold. Each time you step forward, your shoe will peek through, and it’s your choice whether you want that to be a subtle or surprising pop of color!

Reversible Patterned Dress and Blazer

A reversible dress for adults? Yep. This one is patterned on one side and solid black on the other. This is a great two-for-one if you’re building a capsule wardrobe or just like to get a good bang for your buck! Anyway, for this outfit, I used the patterned side with a blazer to create a professional look that’s refined AND fun. Keep it all black with the accessories, or add hints of pink like I did!

Sheath Dress and Tote Bag

Here’s a date night outfit idea. The dress makes styling a breeze, because it already includes multiple fabrics and textures. The dotted lace is romantic, sexy, and super flattering, while the wide cuffs add visual interest. Originally, I accessorized with white and a colored tote bag, but you could definitely go all black with accessories for this look! 

Style Charade Black White Jumpsuit | How to Style an All Black Outfit
Modern Bow Front Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits can go anywhere. For this one, I created a street style look that starts with this solid black jumpsuit with a white, structured bow front. It’s modern, avant garde, and edgy. To style it, you can use white or black for the accessories. If you go all black, the accents will frame that bow bodice while making you look slimmer and taller! Yes, please!

Sequins Gown and Shades

How about all black formal wear? A glitzy black sequined dress will basically stand on its own since it’s totally show-stopping as is! But, you can accessorize with black heels, a black handbag, and black shades. Yep, I said it. Shades with formal wear. To me, it screams fun and confidence, which helps me wear the dress even better. 

Poplin Dress and Pointed Shoes

This poplin dress is one of my favorite shapes! You’ll see I have a lot of dresses in this style, because it’s really flattering for my body type. It has this boisterous, round shape that’s just so cute and whimsical too, which is why I paired it with pointed black shoes. It’s a vibrant contrast, that keeps the eyes running up and down the whole outfit. This naturally balances the look AND your figure! 

Black Ribbed Sweater Dress
Black and White Marbled Maxi Dress

Cheating with prints? Yes, we are. This marbled black and white dress is gorgeous! Don it with a waist belt, slingback sandals, and a Kate Spade handbag. You can definitely do it all in black and you’d look totally polished and stylish. But, if you want to get a little adventurous, opt for a colored sandal. And, since it’s black, pick whatever color you want. It goes with everything!

Puff Sleeve Top and Jeweled Shoes

Here’s a great fall find that’s elegant and versatile. Start with the puff sleeve top and high waist trousers to sculpt your silhouette. Then, add glitzy accessories. Crystal-encrusted heels, metallic earrings, and a jeweled handbag will give this sleek, minimal look the glam it needs to really shine.

Cutout Midi Dress with Gold Accents

Cutouts are in this year, and I am all for it. It’s such an easy way to create unique shape to your outfit. Plus, if you have broad features you’d like to minimize, cut outs can break up that space and make you look slimmer. So, grab this cutout dress and spice it up with gold jewelry! Timeless hoops. A pendant necklace. Gold chained mules. JUST PERFECT.

Sweater Dress and Tall Boots

Fall is upon us and sweater dresses are super trendy this season. I love the wide sleeves and high neck of this sweater dress juxtaposed with the bare legs. It’s surprising and chic! If the weather is a little chillier, you could add some tights. But, if you want to keep those legs bare, just grab a pair of tall boots. It’s sexy, versatile, and dramatic! 

Jennifer Lake Tory Burch Embellished Dress
Turtleneck Jumpsuit and Gold Jewelry

The combo of gold and black just works. It works every time. So, for a simple all black look, wear this Lanston sleeveless turtleneck jumpsuit and elevate it with thick gold chains. Your necklace, bracelet, earrings, and handbag strap can all have that stylish geometric shape that comes from a gold chain. Play with thickness and shade for the perfect, dynamic, all black look that suits your style. 

Tweed Pants, Black Blazer, and Metallic Accents

Here’s an outfit that’s all texture! One of the easiest ways to make an outfit look expensive and high-fashion is to layer on lots of fabrics, and this outfit totally does that. The base is tweed pants with a black and white pattern and a solid black turtleneck. The rough, stiff fabric from the pants pairs perfectly with the soft, drapey sweater. 

Then, the liquid chrome pointed heels and twisted hoop earrings bring a sharp and smooth texture. To finish it off, select a handbag that introduces one more texture. Each fabric adds interest to the piece, and together they create a futuristic, grunge look that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before! It’s bold and beautiful. 

Embroidered Cocktail Dress and Pom Pom Shoes

If you haven’t figured it out yet, an easy way to make an all black look that’s exciting and fashionable is to start with an interesting piece. This dress is just that! It’s got dainty embroidery accents and stitchwork with a romantic, lacy hem that’s just SO visually interesting and fun. It’s both retro and trendy, and overall it’s the perfect base for your all black ensemble. Just grab a pair of pom pom heels and you’re set! 

Jennifer Lake Tory Burch Black Dress

Crop Top and Skort Set with Glitzy Accents

Enough with the dresses, right? Here’s a fall look that uses a tailored black, crop jacket and skort set that’s youthful and elegant. It’s accented with crystal bows on the top and bottom, which contributes further to the structured look. 

For the perfect accessories, add unstructured accents like the crystal mesh bag and a pair of droopy earrings. And, for shoes, go black with crystal embellishments. This look is urban and glam for a powerful all black outfit. 

Crinkle Jersey Dress and Boots

This stretchy crinkle jersey dress is so cute and comfortable. The print still works for an all black ensemble, but it gives your look a little more vibrance and femininity. Additionally, the slit in the side adds shape and excitement to the piece! It’s the perfect base for a gorgeous fall look. 

For accents, tall boots or combat boots work great to contrast the feminine features. Gold jewelery and a gold accented Tory Burch handbag would pair perfectly with this dress. Once you’ve got these curated accessories, you’re ready to go!

Pink Wall Chicago Blogger
Faux Leather Leggings and Sweater

Faux leather leggings are one of fashion’s best-kept secrets. They scream instant-luxury and the glossy texture adds edgy visual interest to every outfit. My favorite way to wear them is with an oversized sweater. The two fabrics just complement each other so well! 

So, grab your glossy faux leather leggings and this embellished black cotton sweatshirt for an instant casual outfit that’s totally chic. Add sneakers, shades, and a tote bag in black to complete the look. 

Tee and Leather Jacket with Heels

Here’s an easy one! Find your favorite black tee. It can be solid black or have a print of some type. Then, layer this faux black leather biker jacket over top. Not only do you get the metallic textures from the leather, but you get the plush textures of the added faux fur. It’s warm and fashionable for fall! 

With the black shirt and leather jacket, wear black jeans or print pants. I’d recommend keeping the bottom tight since the top half is oversized. It’ll balance out your figure and give your outfit that perfect put-together look. For shoes, go with boots of any length or a cute pair of black sneakers! LOVE IT!

Style Charade LACMA Lights
Voluminous Dress and Chunky Jewelry

I love this Sister Jane dress! It’s a tiered ruffle dress with a ton of volume that looks so cute as a mini dress! Wear this beautiful floral dress with black heels to create definition between the large top half and the slender bottom. Then, accessorize with chunky jewelry. You could go all black, use metallics, or add pops of color. Whatever you do, you’ll have the perfect look!

All black ensembles are anything but boring when you accessorize, add patterns, and vary textures. 

When you follow these tips and use these outfits for inspiration, your all black outfits will be anything but bland or basic. Instead, your looks will be elevated, chic, and ready for any fashion critic. 

I hope this has inspired you to create your own look! Which outfit will you be taking the most inspiration from today? Let me know in the comments. And, don’t forget to hang out with me on Instagram and check back weekly for new posts. My blog will help you achieve all your style goals!

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