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Dudley Stephens Mestiza
Dudley Stephens x Mestiza New York Park Slope Turtleneck | Prima Crop White Jeans | Mestiza New York Disco Drop Earrings | Nicholas Kirkwood x Rodarte Wedges (old)

Soon after the brand’s inception, Dudley Stephens has taken my wardrobe by storm. Their fashionable fleece-focused collection is truly unique and something worth your attention. At the same time, I’ve never done a full Dudley Stephens review. Today is the day!

Beyond sharing general information on the company and why the pieces are just that good, I also want to provide detailed fit, fabric, and silhouette tips. The brand gives you a lot of options to pick from, so hopefully this guide and full review is helpful.

While the women’s owned brand has been a staple in my closet for years, the company has evolved and expanded into countless new product categories. Every time I open Instagram and/or their website, I’m greeted with exciting new drops and collaborations.

Mestiza Disco Drop Earrings

Dudley Stephens Review

From their annual sales to new color product launches of their Greenpoint fleece, Dudley Stephens is a brand worth taking up real estate in your closet. Plus, The collection is sourced from innovative recycled materials (more on that later).

Are you new the Dudley Stephens brand? Based on their website, their mission is to “Redefine everyday dressing with put-together closet essentials made to pair with all.” Love! It’s a female-founded and run business with a major focus on sustainability, and I especially love that their team is SO kind, sweet, and truly lovely.

Listen, I’ve worked with a lot of brands in my years. 🙂 After blogging since 2008, I can confidently say that not everything is what it seems behind-the-scenes with companies sometimes.

Additionally, Dudley doesn’t just have products for women. They have mens products, kids collection, and beyond. This past Christmas, we gifted our niece with her first Dudley Stephens. I’m so excited to see her style it and just enjoy it as much as I do.

Dudley Stephens Park Slope

Dudley Stephens Mestiza New York Capsule

Today features an especially exciting launch featuring Dudley Stephens’s phenomenal partnership with Mestiza New York. It’s always a joy to see women supporting women, and the female-led capsule is beautiful! I wouldn’t expect anything less from both brands. 🙂

The Dudley Stephens x Mestiza New York capsule collection pieces are officially live, including their Park Slope Turtleneck (what I’m wearing), along with this second top style. Both pieces have been designed out of recycled Vello Fleece in a fun chinoiserie print.

It’s no secret I’m a huge chinoiserie and floral print fan. From murals to statement shoes, home décor to pieces in my closet, the print has played a large design aspect in my life for as long as I can remember. My mom owned several chinoiserie pieces growing up, and she instilled a great love for the pattern. As such, I always love seeing new iterations of it on various products.

Shop the entire Dudley Stephens x Mestiza New York capsule collection now!

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Dudley Stephens Fleece Fabrics

Dudley Stephens is mainly known for all things recycled fleece. In fact, I’d go as far to say they are the reason fleece is back in fashion. Seriously!

Beyond creating gorgeous pieces, I especially love their brand is focused on sustainability. They have repurposed more than 6 million plastic bottles to date. Incredible!

The classic/core Dudley Stephens fleece turtlenecks come in three tailored lengths – the Greenpoint, Park Slope, and Cobble Hill. Each one serves its own purpose, and they are available in a range of phenomenal bold and neutral colors.

Dudley Stephens Lavender Fleece

Additionally, the three styles are available in two fabrics – Vello or Terry fleece (both are made from recycled materials). My personal favorite is the Vello fleece – it’s soft and warm while still being breathable. Trust me, this isn’t your typical fleece!

On the other hand the Terry fleece is lighter weight and be worn throughout the year. The brand describes it like wearing a towel, which is completely accurate!

Beyond their core Vello and Terry options, they also have Jersey, Sherpa, Double Layer Vello, Waffle, Eco fleeces to name a few. all in all, shoppers will find a style that a suits their needs. See their full Fabric Guide here.

Greenpoint Turtleneck

My personal favorite length is the Greenpoint Turtleneck. You know the childhood story of Goldie Locks and the three bears? The Greenpoint Turtleneck is just right – not too long, not too short. It’s perfect.

The Dudley Stephens’ stylish silhouette features the same stand-up collar, no pockets, full sleeves, and the company’s pineapple logo at the wrist. I’ve always found the Greenpoint to fit true to size.

On the website, Dudley Stephens calls it their “midi” shirt – a happy medium. The ideal description for sure! Keep in mind, shirt lengths are completely subjective and based on your style preferences.

Dream Loft Studios Brooklyn

Park Slope Turtleneck

The Dudley Stephens Park Slope Turtleneck is a SUPER close second favorite style. In fact, it was the original length they came out with, so I have incredibly good memories (and current experiences!) with them. They are fabulous!

When in doubt, Park Slope Turtleneck is the ultimate crowd pleaser. In fact, while I’ve never seen data, my gut says this has to be their bestselling silhouette and length.

Primrose Hill London Colorful Homes

Cobble Hill Turtleneck

Are you someone who enjoys longer shirts and sweaters? Dudley’s Cobble Hill turtleneck length is for you. In fact, I’d call it the ultimate top to style with leggings. Several years ago, I tried on the silhouette and immediately fell in love with it.

For most brands, I tend to opt for petite sizes since I’m only 5’4. However, the Cobble Hill is truly fabulous and can be worn with leggings, cropped pants, and so many other styles.

Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck

Monogrammed Options

Did you know Dudley Stephens’ fleeces can also be monogrammed too? They only charge $15 for letters or monograms. So good!

Dudley Stephens Size Guide

Interested in investing in a Dudley Stephens piece? If so, I recommend checking out their size guide. Typically, I’ve found every single item to fit true to size (I wear a small). However, if you prefer a more cozy, loose feel to your clothes, I’d recommend sizing up one size. Currently, the brand offers sizes XS-XXL.

See the comprehensive fit guide here.

Blue White Floral Turtleneck

Dudley Stephens Review – Wash and Care Tips

As a next partnership, I’d LOVE to see Dudley Stephens work with a brand like Tide (who I adore!) to create a Dudley-specific laundry detergent. Can you imagine?! That would be so cool. Let’s make that happen brands, mmmkay?

In general, they recommend to machine wash warm, inside out and hang dry. Definitely don’t use bleach (obvi)! Another interesting tip they share on their website is to avoid washing the piece with towels. Also, never iron the fleece top. It won’t be ruined, but it’s not good for the fabric.

Dudley Stephens Price Points

Also, keep an eye out out for their sales, which typically take place a couple of times of year. Specifically, I love their Black Friday/Cyber weekend sale, which tends to bring prices down by up to 50%.

Dudley Stephens Review – In Closing

Have you tried on Dudley Stephens fleeces yet? Which style do you think that you will like? I’m excited to hear what you think!

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