How to Dress Like Alice Charles from The Politician

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Welcome to the second part of my Politician series! Today, I’m tackling the smarts and style of one of the main characters, Alice Charles, played by the brilliant Julia Schlaepfer. As the girlfriend of Payton Hobart, she brings amazing fashion to the show. Beyond talking about how to dress like The Politician Alice Charles, I’ll share new voting and voter resources. When you have a moment, visit They’re the non partisan organization that I’m supporting through this photo series.


The Politician Alice Charles Style

Alice brings First Lady in waiting vibes. Alice always puts her best high-heel forward with her wardrobe choices. Unlike other characters, she keeps her wardrobe classic, feminine, and traditional. It’s like a dash of Jackie O and a pinch of Pelosi.

Kate Spade Red Pink Dress
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She prefers blouses with bows, tweed mini skirts, sweater sets, and polished pearls. Throughout season one and two, Alice dons a bunch of Gucci, kate spade new york, and Tory Burch. In fact, she seems to wear more Gucci than anyone else on the show.

Season one, Alice’s wardrobe is the epitome of pastel perfection. Think lilacs, pinks, baby blues, crisp ivory along with gold and pearl accents. Think 1960’s-like vibe with tailored coats and blazers. Oh, and her hair is always impeccably maintained.

For season two, she moves from candy colors to primary colors. There’s a maturity to her wardrobe that’s embodied in her go-to small, ladylike bag.

Julia Schlaepfer Alice Charles Style
Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Who Styled Alice in The Politician?

While Gwyneth’s looks came together thanks to Lou Eylich and Paltrow’s personal stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, all other cast members were styled by Claire Parkinson. Based on an interview with Parkinson, they looked at Ali MacGraw in Love Story and Jackie O. for inspiration.

Four of Alice’s Best Outfits

Alice has a phenomenal portfolio of great styles moments from season-to-season. Some of my favorite looks include her red Gucci dress styled with a blue blouse and signature Tory Burch Lee bag in season two. Next, I adore her baby blue look below with the white button-down shirt, tweed mini skirt and sweater draped over her shoulders.

Julia Schlaepfer Alice Charles Politician
Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Also, may we talk her Anna Wintour-esque bob? Very Vogue. Her hair is always perfectly maintained. Every time I see her hair on-screen, I hear the iconic Mean Girls’ quote, “That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.”

Alice The Politician Fashion

Particularly, Alice brings it with accessories. She’s not afraid to add a bow detail, a velvet headband, designer bag, classic loafer, and haute heel. While Alice has a sweet style, she knows how to pack a powerful punch (remember the lie detector test)?

Politician Alice Julia Schlaepfer Style
Photo Courtesy of Netflix

My Politician Alice Charles Style Reinterpreted

Overall, Alice was a blast to reinterpret! My personal style is a perfect blend of her and Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, Georgina Hobart. In particular, Alice is the perfect polished aesthetic to match her cool, calm exterior.

Jennifer Lake Alice Politician
Jennifer Lake Politician Alice
Kate Spade Flower Jacquard Vanity

Thank you kate spade new york for agreeing to support my Politician series. ksny has been a long-time partner of Style Charade. As you can see, these pieces were perfect to bring these images to life. Plus, the brand is made for Alice who wears the brand on the show!

Politician Alice Charles Outfits

Voter Resources

Overall, my top priority with this Politician photo series is to encourage voting and voter registration. Here are some fantastic non partisan organizations to learn more:

Beyond When We All Vote, here are some additional voting resources. All of the websites that I’m including are non-partisan organizations:

  • A Starting Point: First up, A Starting Point is civic engagement platform founded by celebrity, Chris Evans. He’s mostly known as an Avenger. A Starting Point is to educate consumers about politics and key issues.
  • The Close Up Foundation: Okay, so The Close Up Foundation is launching ASP Chat, a new video series featuring conversations with U.S. lawmakers from students. These interviews premier August 17th in conjunction with the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.
  • Guide to Mail-In Voting: As per Friday Charades, I’m including Jess’s how-to vote from home guide. It’s very comprehensive and easy to follow.

Lastly, as a reminder, I strongly urge you to register to vote. Visit here to do so! It’s quick and easy!

In Closing

To summarize, thank you again for your support of my Politician series! Visit WhenWeAllVote to explore additional information and resources.

Politician Alice Charles

As a reminder, 25% of net affiliate sales from August 2020 from this series will benefit the organization. What are some of your favorite Alice outfits? Let me know!

Alice Charles Politician Style

Dress: kate spade new york Gingham Organza Dress {c/o} | Bag: kate spade new york Flower Jacquard Vanity Bag {c/o} | Sweater: J. Crew {last worn here} | Shoes: M. Gemi {c/o} | Eyewear: kate spade new york Krystalyn Sunglasses {c/o}

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