How We Chose Our Colorful Dining Room Design Ideas

A Space to Gather, Eat, and Relax
Jennifer Lake Dining Room

Last year, we unveiled our dining room in collaboration with Ballard Designs and our phenomenal interior designer, Amelia Canham Eaton. I absolutely love the way everything came together. Growing up, my family’s dining room was reserved for only special occasions and holidays. On the flip side, we try to eat in this room every so often. Why not enjoy the beautiful surroundings, you know?

Ballard Designs Tablescape

Months ago, I wrote a blog post featuring all of the details of our dining room. Today, I wanted to give a second look into the space thanks to these beautiful images captured by interiors and lifestyle photographer, Aimée Mazzenga. Plus, we’ve added a few additional details, including new custom fabric drapes and custom acrylic rod.

Hummingbird Print Wallpaper

Similar to our living room, our dining room embraces all things Grandmillennial. Part bright, part Bridgerton, my favorite aspect of the space is the Cole & Son hummingbird wallpaper. Wallpaper ground a space, and I love the bold design and serene hues. Plus, the posh print adds visual interest and draws the eye up towards our light fixtures by Mitzi.

Dining Room Table and Chairs

Overall, Ballard has amazing options for furniture and accessories for dining rooms. For example, I am obsessed with our Saratoga dining room table. First off, we can seat either six or eight people at any given time. There’s a removable leaflet in the center gives us the flexibility to personalize our space depending on how many guests we plan to have over. Furthermore, I love the material. It’s sturdy, sleek and just adds a softness to the space. Highly recommended!

Grandmillennial Tablescape

Lastly, I often get a lot of questions about our dining room chairs. We personalized our chairs with Ballard’s COM program (customer’s own materials). The Square Back Louis XVI Side Chair is a timeless style that you’ll love having in your home. Plus, it has crazy high customer ratings (and for good reason). We seriously love ours so much!

Jenn Thatcher Art

Another main component of our dining room is this stunning piece by Jenn Thatcher Art. I worked with Jenn Thatcher to design this beautiful custom art piece. Pink is one of my all-time favorite colors, and I love symbolism of her pieces.


Cole and Sons Hummingbird Wallpaper

Lastly, I want to send my sincere thanks to Mitzi for gifting us with these gorgeous light fixtures. While we haven’t had the chance to host a lot of guests, we consistently get a lot of compliments from readers and on social media about them. Mitzi is a phenomenal brand for lighting, and I love the way they infuse whimsy and charm into every piece they create.

In Closing

For more interior design and home inspiration, please feel free to check out the various links and features below. Overall, I hope it inspires you to infuse more color into your home. Plus, you don’t need to fully invest in bold pieces, but small details like tablescapes to bring a space to life.

Lastly, please note this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small compensation should you make a purchase from these links. This does not cost you anything. Finally, thank you for your continued support of Style Charade!

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    Sara wrote:

    I just love the colors and how everything fits together. Your color scheme is very similar to what we have in our home. When we finally recover our dining room chairs (a day that will likely be coming sooner than later due to so much WFH, lol), I might be looking to this post for more inspiration on how to add a pop of color to them!

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