Is this the Best Rachel Parcell Pink Dress?

Rachel Parcell Romantic Lace Dress

Dress: Rachel Parcell Pink and Red Lace Shift Dress | Bag: Kate Spade Sam Bag {vintage} | Shoes: Steve Madden Daisie Pumps | Eyewear: J. Crew Sam Sunglasses

Over the years, I’ve loved supporting various blogger’s product launches. Take this Rachel Parcell pink lace dress. Since the launch of the Rachel Parcell collection, I’ve been thankful to support her various seasonal lines.

Rachel has a fantastic eye, and I especially enjoyed learning more about her design process. In fact, I don’t think Rachel gets enough credit for the amount of work and dedication she infuses into her product lines.

Houston Ombre Pink Wall

Sure, she has countless reasons to make great collections. However, I can attest to the fact the quality, fabrics, designs, colors, and options are truly fantastic! Plus, her first design director (and I believe current) is Tan France of Netflix’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. So good!

Rachel Parcell Pink Dress

No, Rachel Parcell’s Nordstrom dresses are not only available in the color pink! Sure, her blog name is “Pink Peonies, ” but I assure you that there’s plenty of other color options. This pink dress is phenomenal! I love the silhouette and the pink and red color combo.

Kate Spade Vintage Nylon Sam Bag

Since the launch of her fashion line, Rachel has gone on to release home products, kids, and beyond. I’m so incredibly happy for her and her family! Wishing her continued success, and I can’t wait to see what new styles that she’ll be coming out with in years to come!

Red and Pink Lace Shift Dress

Red Lace Dress

All in all, I love this pink and red lace dress. After all, it’s hard to find a style that balances quality fabrics, silhouettes, and colors. Overall, I love this red lace dress. It’s truly beautiful!

To get a sense of her past collections, check out my posts about her holiday collection, rose print pleated skirt, blue lace dress, floral print dress, and sequin skirt.

Pink Lace Dress Red Trim


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