How to Shop the Rachel Parcell Holiday Collection

Rachel Parcell Holiday Collection
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The Rachel Parcell Holiday Collection

One of the best aspects of running a blog has been connecting with other bloggers. In fact, it’s the single most rewarding part of my journey to date. I truly enjoy supporting other content creators as they grow and evolve their brands into thriving businesses. Case in point: Rachel Parcell. Tonight, I’m thrilled and honored to be invited to celebrate the Rachel Parcell holiday collection launch with Nordstrom in Chicago.

On this blog, I do everything within my power to help promote bloggers’ products, collection launches, and beyond. Sometimes (and self-admittedly), I get overly excited about the launches, lol! However, I always have the best intentions, and I always hope to do my part to help make their launches as successful as possible.

For Rachel, I’m thankful she’s been so sweet about gifting me items that work with my aesthetic. The first piece she sent me was this gorgeous pink scalloped blouse, which I photographed in front of one of my favorite Chicago murals. Since then, I’ve continued to wear and feature countless pieces. May we talk about this gorgeous floral dress, lace dress, and skirt? Everything from her collection is so perfectly feminine, beautiful, and elegant.

Lessons from Rachel

Rachel founded her eponymous brand in 2016, and it’s been a joy to see her business completely transform. Years ago, I had the chance to hear Rachel talk about the development and launch of her line at rewardStyle’s rStheCon. Amber Venz Box interviewed her on stage about the highs, the lows, the mistakes, and the triumphs of entrepreneurship.

In many ways, I worry people don’t know how much work, time, effort, and energy she put into her line. She took some major risks, and made some major investments in order to make her dream a reality.

Why to Shop Rachel Parcell’s Holiday Collection

To this day, I still remember the takeaways from her talk at rStheCon:

#1: She shared advice about how to be incredibly careful when licensing your name for products. You have to be diligent in finding the right partner. Rachel explained she had a horrible experience with an accessories company, and it really taught her that she wanted to maintain control over the designs, fabrics, production, and beyond.

#2: Tan France of Queer Eye is also a part of the brand. Love that! To be transparent, I don’t fully know his role right now with the company, but he was integral to the success of the initial launch and designs.

#3: She paid for the Rachel Parcell Collection launch with her own money in partnership with her husband, Drew. I recall her saying that her and Drew put $50,000 (don’t quote me, but I’m 90% sure that was the number she shared) of their own funds to launch it. Moreover, she talked about how the fit and the fabrics were (and continue to be) so important to her. I was shocked at how transparent she was about the investment it took. I don’t like talking about how much money I spend on a dinner, much less the investment for a business! Major props to Rachel for doing so with confidence and class.

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