This Week’s Friday Charades

Sophia Webster Yasmina

Shoes: Sophia Webster Yasmina Sandals | Skirt: Delfi Collective Silver Pleated Skirt

● There are SO many good movies and shows coming out today! First, Marry Me is streaming on Peacock with Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, Inventing Anna and Love is Blind (Season 2) on Netflix. We are set for the weekend!

● My sweet friend Julia is hosting an amazing J.Crew event in Greenwich, Connecticut. Be sure to attend and support if you’re in the area!

Six signs your body is breaking down from overwork. Also, the “room where it happens”… is indeed important but not for the reasons you expect.

● Finding a place you trust for your cancer treatment. While this post is from awhile ago, Jenna makes so many important points. Please, please, please do regular check-ups.

● Bookmarked this blog post featuring 25 Black American Coffee Table Books.

● As an avid Barbie fan and former collector of the Holiday Barbie series (a tradition since passed on to my niece), Hulu’s Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie was fascinating. A must-see.

Jess shares her heart on grieving the loss of a soul dog.

● Speaking of man’s best friend, season two of Netflix’s Dogs is so good. The first episode? I can’t even!

● Reasons why Facebook stock is crashing via Fast Company

In My Shopping Cart

● New arrivals today at J. Crew!!!

● The Tory Burch Seasonal Sale is live. This bag and outfit are my top picks!

● Double stone rings are all the rage. This double ring style is STUNNING (the price is wow).

● One of my fave handbag designer just released new arrivals. This particular option is my personal fave (water resistant too!).

● How great is this new blanket from one of my fave brands? It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

● This $45 floral clutch sparks joy. I just got the pink version in the mail, and it’s been love at first sight.

● Good gracious! I own the coral version of these statement heels and the new floral blue version is calling my name. Also, is it just me or does this emerald green version look similar? Hmmmm.

● Girl Scout Cookies and wine pairings? Easily one of my fave blog posts already on Style Charade this year!

● Finally caved and bought this mug. Everyone raves about it (including close friends). Thankful it’s back in stock in this color.

● Umm…. you all have made these statement heels a best seller already. Mark my words – this affordable style will be huge for spring!

● Lilly Pulitzer just launched a new home collection for kids and babies! It’s positively darling!

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