50+ Best Studio McGee Target Collection Items to Shop Now

Classic and Timeless Furniture & Accessories
Studio McGee Target Spring 2021
Lavender Pot Plant | Wall Art | Plaid Rug | Faux Leather Accent Chair | Wicker Umbrella Holder | Floor Lamp | Scalloped End Table | Metal Knot Gold Structure | Wood Mirror | Stone Vase | Set of Brass Hooks | Stripe Wool Cotton Rug

The new Studio McGee Target collection is here! Today, I’m sharing 50+ new arrivals to shop right now. Friends, their collaboration with Threshold at Target is SO good. Think furniture, decorative accessories, greenery, and even wall art. Altogether, the new pieces feel fresh and timeless.

I don’t know about you, but I’m SO ready for a spring home decor refresh. Granted, the Threshold Studio McGee collection can be overwhelming! So, if you’re new to the line, I recommend starting with their home decor and accessories. It includes decorative trays, wall art, greenery, rugs or lighting.

More often than not, those pieces retail under $50. Test a few items in your space before diving into bigger investments like their furniture. I just know you’ll love the quality of the materials!

Studio McGee Target Collection
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Studio McGee Target Collection

As always, Studio McGee’s design sensibility focuses on elevating classics. Husband and wife duo, Shea McGee and her expansive team dream up timeless home design elements and products. Shea and her husband Syd have built a thriving business, and it’s easy to see why they’ve been so successful.

Case in point, the Studio McGee Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover. In a word, brilliant! I highly recommend it. Right now, you can stream season one and season two. Basically, they take you behind-the-scenes of their family, business, and home makeovers. Every episode gives you a tangible takeaway for your home. Below, I’m sharing the season two official trailer. Can we talk about that basketball court? Crazy!

Trailer Courtensey of Netflix

So why invest time watching the show? Even if their home design aesthetic doesn’t align with your personal style, the Netflix show sparks so many new ideas. Plus, SO many of you are planning major home redesign or moving to a new place. The series will make you think twice about decisions, and that’s a good thing!

Threshold Target Furniture
Photo courtesy of Target and Studio McGee

Furthermore, I love the way they showcase different ways to style a space. Some of the homes featured have gigantic spaces that take some time to build out like a family room, dining room, and bedrooms. However, Studio McGee dives into smaller spaces like entryways and home offices. It proves that no nook or cranny should be overlooked.

Threshold Spring 2021 Launch Date

Some Studio McGee Threshold collection pieces are available to shop right now. Plus, several new styles will Sunday, January 24, 2021 exclusively at Target.com. Bookmark this page to shop the new arrivals.

Top Studio McGee Home Decor Tips

Below, I’m sharing Shea McGee’s top home decor tips to refresh your space this season. Thankfully, her advice is really easy to adopt into your home (and not too expensive!). Phew! Best of all, some of her tips overlap with advice that we’ve received from our own interior designer, too!

Layer Decor

One of Shay’s top pieces of advice? Layer in decor to make your space feel renewed. Amelia, our interior designer, always gives us similar advice. In fact, we bought a Studio McGee bronze sculpture for our mantel (see below).

We’ve been a fan of their collection for some time! In fact, I did an entire post out their fall collection, which I hope sparks inspiration and ideas. As you can see, we layered our mantel to include an antique-inspired mirror, Josh Young artwork, and the McGee bronze sculpture.

Aimee Mazzenga Living Room
Photo by Aimée Mazzanenga

Bring in Curves to Soften a Room

Too many right-angle pieces make a space feel clinical and hard. Add soft, round-edge curve pieces to soften the look of your home. Studio McGee and Threshold have designed countless curved furniture pieces, including this Portola Hills collection by Threshold and StudioMcGee. The Caned Desk and Media Stand.

Mix Textiles for a Collective Lived-In Feel

Textiles are an important component of any interior design project. In the home industry, textiles refers to woven and fabric products. Sound pretty simple, right? However, there are infinite ways to ways to incorporate textiles as a design throughout a space. Studio McGee’s Target line includes blankets, area rugs, artwork, and beyond.

When shopping for textiles for a space, consider what type of mood that you want the space to relay. Best of all, textiles truly work to unify a space and bring it altogether. Choose a color palette that you love, and stick to it!

Most of Studio McGee’s textile pieces launch of January 24th on Target.com. Set your calendars!

Nature-Inspired Decor Helps Bring in Spring

One of the best tips we received from Amelia? Bring the outdoors in! It’s one reason why we added a faux fiddle leaf plant to our living room and opted for a hydrangea wallpaper print to our powder room.

Similarly, Shea McGee recommends bringing in doses of nature-inspired decor. Everything from artificial flowers to pants. Yes, it adds a splash of spring to space. But moreover, I believe it freshens up a space and create a cool and calm atmosphere. Plus, we’re spending more time indoors than ever. Add a plant, faux flower arrangement, or natural wood accessories to ensure a serene atmosphere.

Threshold Studio McGee
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Threshold Target Shopping

Recently, I learned that Target incorporates 3-D technology and virtual 360 degree shoppable rooms. So cool! In other words, you can click through the Studio McGee room photos on the website, and shop your way around each space! To test it out yourself, click here to do a 360-degree home office tour or a dining room shop-around.

Studio McGee Spring 2021 Collection Video

Still looking for more inspiration? Check out the Studio McGee Target Collection Spring 2021 home refresh video below. In closing, the Threshold line designed by Studio McGee doesn’t disappoint, and the video does a great job of showing why!

Shop the Home Decor Collection

The Studio McGee Target line is a perfect place to start to dream up the furniture and accessories for your space. Below, I’m sharing 50+ pieces from the collection to shop right now. Keep me posted if you buy anything! I’d love to see what you get!

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