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The countdown is on! Christmas is less than two months away, and the holiday spirit is alive and well! But what should be our first step to prep for the year’s most festive occasion? In my humble opinion, getting your holiday home decorations in order. For me, that starts with flocked Christmas trees.

I ADORE flocked Christmas trees. They are the elegant and make any room feel instantly chic during the Christmas season. In fact, it took me more than a decade to find and buy the right Christmas tree for our home. No joke. After going through the process, I’m also clear they also sell FAST. Like F1, Lewis Hamilton lightening speed fast – especially the affordable versions.

Today, I’m diving into the best flocked Christmas trees on the market, Christmas tree styling tips, and more. After all, it’ll feel SO nice to have your ducks in row with holiday decorations. Consider this post as your ultimate guide to flocked Christmas trees, if you will. 🙂

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Best Flocked Christmas Trees

You may also be saying (or screaming), “Jenn, holiday content already?!” Hear me out, hear me out. 🙂 This year, the holiday season is going to be crazier than ever. Between supply chain issues, shipping delays, and brands starting their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals starting earlier than ever, the best holiday home décor and gifts are will be tricky to snag.

Also, data is showing that U.S. consumers are planning to spend more and shop faster than previous years. Simply put, the early bird gets the worm. But what are the best flocked Christmas trees? Also, when should you consider buying them, what size should you get, and what are the best accessories to style them with?

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Flocked Christmas Tree FAQ

First, let’s review some frequently asked questions about flocked Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees in general.

What is a Flocked Christmas Tree?

What is a flocked Christmas tree vs. a regular one? Basically, a flocked Christmas tree has the appearance of freshly fallen snow. Think of it like a snowcapped tree in your home. When done correctly, the trees have natural looking needles that don’t shed too much. Keep in mind, white-like dust does fall out on your floor. However, it’s easy to vacuum it up in an instant.

At the same time, that’s why flocked Christmas trees need to be maintained and cared for. It’s why we purchased this Christmas tree cover to protect ours throughout the year and whenever we aren’t using it.

When Should You Buy a Christmas Tree?

If you’re planning to purchase an artificial tree for this Christmas, experts advise to get a head start. Beyond the pandemic-related supply chain problems, inflation will send prices for artificial trees soaring. Prices for artificial Christmas trees could be as much as 26 percent, according to Consumer Reports. However, if you buy early, prices tend to be lower. Much lower.

Also, according to, the first Saturday and Sunday in December are the two most popular single days to buy a tree in the U.S. — although a majority of Americans buy sooner or wait until later.

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How Do You Save Money on a Christmas Tree?

One of the best pieces of advice? Consider buying one secondhand. Beyond it being a sustainable option, you’ll likely get a better price. My fave places include local thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay. Frankly, eBay is a phenomenal option since it’s a safe and easy way to get your hands on a variety of great options. Plus, eBay secondhand Christmas tree options ship right to your doorstep so you don’t need to worry about fitting it into your car.

Holiday Time 6.5 Pre-Lit Flocked Frisco Pine Christmas Tree

First up, start with the Holiday Time 6.5 Pre-Lit Flocked Frisco Pine Christmas Tree. The $79 phenomenal Walmart find is one of the biggest bestsellers across ANY retailer. No joke. Between the price and quality of the tree, this style FLIES faster then you can say “Quiddich.” Had to include some Harry Potter humor here, lol.

Based on my research, by mid-November, this style is sold out in the 6.5 height. Moreover, the Holiday Time tree has more than 1,400 customer reviews at a 4.6 star rating out of 5. Pretty incredible.

The tree has 787 flocked branch tips, 250 clear incandescent lights, and weighs about 17.6 pounds. Additionally, the dimensions are 6.5 feet tall and 42 inches in diameter.

Holiday Time 6.5 Pre-Lit Tree


Frontgate Freshly Fallen Snowcrest Slim Profile Tree

My personal favorite is Frontgate’s Freshly Fallen Snowcrest Slim Profile Tree. We own this version, and we absolutely LOVE it. Listen, it’s a more luxe option than Holiday Time, but it’s worth every single penny. After all, I’m only planning to buy one Christmas tree for the rest of our lives (unless we choose to have more than one in our home).

Plus, the higher price point makes sense for several reasons. We own the 7 the Freshly Fallen Snowcrest Slim Profile Tree, which has 1,620 flocked tips (more than double the Holiday Time version), 1,650 lights (seven times more lights than the Walmart option), and offers 10,000-hour LED lights.

Check out our living room holiday decor set-up to see how it looks.

Frontglate Slim Profile Tree


Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Holiday Christmas Pine Tree w/ Snow Flocked Branches, Warm White Lights

Meet the bestselling flocked tree at Target. This under $150 flocked Christmas tree is available in three sizes – 6 ft, 7.5, and 9 ft. The version you buy simply depends on your ceiling height, of course. Since I’ve reviewed mostly 6-7 foot Christmas trees for the other options, I’m going to use the 6 ft for more specifics. You can also visit the product overview to see other details.

Dimension-wise, the Best Choice Pre-Lit Christmas tree is 6.1 feet (H) x 31 inches (W) x 31 inches (D). It weighs 19.16 pounds. For comparison sake, the 6-foot tree features 928 tips (141 more than Walmart but 692 less than Frontgate). It’s also prestrung with 250 lights (the same as Walmart and 1,400 less than Frontgate).

Thankfully, assembly is relatively simple thanks to a 3-step process. Basically, you connect the base to the largest section of the tree and then attach the remaining sections. Finally, you fluff the branches for about 10-15 minutes.

Best Choice Pre-Lit Tree


7′ Pre-Lit Flocked Douglas Taos Fir Artificial Christmas Tree Clear Lights – Wondershop™

A new Target option that will likely be SUPER popular this year is the 7′ Pre-Lit Flocked Douglas Taos Fir Artificial Christmas Tree Clear Lights – Wondershop™. It’s more expensive than the Best Choice version, but check out the video, photos, and product details, and it’s easy to see why it’ll be an instant bestseller.

The 7ft pre-lit artificial Christmas tree features flocked hinged, flame-resistant fir branches. It has 300 clear lightbulbs with constant light effect, and it’s also easy to assemble.

Wondershop 7′ Prelit Christmas Tree


Hykolity 6 ft Snow Flocked Christmas Tree, Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones, 250 Warm White Lights, 762 Tips, Metal Stand and Hinged Branches

For those Amazon lovers, one of the top sellers and Amazon Choice’s is the Hykolity 6 ft Snow Flocked Christmas Tree. This $89 Artificial Christmas Tree features 250 Warm White Lights (exact same as the Walmart), 762 Tips (slightly less than Walmart, and comes with a metal stand.

The dimensions are 6 feet tall and 40 inches diameter. Plus, the tree meets the strict UL588 standard. Best of all, each bulb works independently. Therefore, if one burns out, the other bulbs will definitely remain lit.

Hykolity 6 ft Snow Flocked Christmas Tree


Best Christmas Tree Collars

One of my favorite ways to complete a flocked Christmas tree look is with a chic and affordable Christmas tree collar. While there are plenty of options on the market, my favorite one is only $23.98. The Holiday Time Natural Seagrass Christmas Tree Collar is 27″ and SO chic. Think coastal grandmother vibes in the best possible way. Plus, the color is neutral so it goes with nearly every home design style.

Holiday Time Christmas Tree Collar


In Closing

If you’re searching for a flocked Christmas tree (and budget is no option), Frontgate is still my top choice. The quality and caliber of the Slim Profile Tree is undeniable, and it’s leaps and bounds better in every regard. However, budget should be a factor – especially if you plan to order several trees.

To be transparent, after doing all of my research, this version seems to outwit, outlast, and outplay all other options. It has a strong branch tip count, great price, decent lighting, and strong customer reviews. Should we decide to buy another tree (e.g., for the lake home), this flocked Christmas tree will be the one.

And yes, I plan to take my own advice and buy it ASAP. 🙂

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