“Louis Vuitton X” Exhibition Los Angeles

After planning a long weekend on the West Coast, a certain art-meets-fashion experience quickly scaled to the top of my itinerary: the “Louis Vuitton X” Exhibition in Beverly Hills. From now through November 17, guests may visit the exhibit for free. No tickets, no entrance fee, just a fabulous immersive journey into LV’s 160-year history of their “creative exchanges and artistic collaborations.”

As an avid fan of the house’s artistic collaborations (especially their Stephen Sprouse and Richard Prince partnerships), I was in heaven throughout the experience! Beyond the beautiful products, I am proud of their parent company’s support of major philanthropic initiatives, including the $226M (USD) donation to the renovation of Notre-Dame. In fact, the only Louis Vuitton pieces I own are bags based on partnerships with artists (and a few wallets that were gifts from B).

A few of my favorite aspects of the experience included one room solely devoted to couture pieces that were created for celebrity red carpet appearances (think Emma Stone, Lady Gaga, Michelle Williams, and more). I also loved seeing how Louis Vuitton’s products and bags are constructed. There’s also the soon-to-be-iconic pink staircase leading up to a pop-up shop where you can purchase items ranging from ready-to-wear to bags and accessories.

“Louis Vuitton X” Exhibition Los Angeles FAQ

While the experience is free and open to the public, I decided to compile my best advice of how to enjoy the exhibit! Some of these tips were shared by friends (we’ll note who/whom) while others are tidbits we came across during our experience.

Do you need tickets for the “Louis Vuitton X” Exhibition?

No, you do not need tickets. Originally, I found an Eventbrite site that asked you to register if you planned to attend. Trust me, you do not need any! Even Louis Vuitton’s own website will explain it’s simply free and open to the public.

Louis Vuitton Pink Stairs Los Angeles

Dress: Stine Goya Jasmine Dress {also worn here in pink and here in blue}

Bag: Tod’s Gommino Micro Bag {c/o} // Shoes: Steve Madden Lilac Daisie Pumps

Jewelry: Lele Sadoughi Floral Earrings // Eyewear: Céline White Marta Sunglasses {c/o}

Stine Goya Jasmine Dress
Louis Vuitton Red Carpet Dresses
Louis Vuitton X ArtyCapucines
Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines

What are the best tips to getting great photos of the Exhibition?

Every space within the “Louis Vuitton X” Exhibition is Instagrammable (by design, I’m sure!). At the same time, the rooms are relatively small (with the exception of the staircase). Therefore, it’s easy to get frustrated if you’re hoping for a clear photo! In fact, my friends Alisha and Amy said they stood on the staircase for 30 minutes to get a few photos without people in the background.

Per my note above, Bob and I decided to arrive about 10 minutes before the exhibit opened. While there was a line outside, we knew it was our best (and only) chance to possibly get some unobstructed photos. Thankfully, we were right.

We basically power walked the entire exhibit the moment it opened and went straight to the pink staircase (which, FYI, is at the very end of the experience). While others were checking out the initial rooms and getting a few pics (which is easy to want to do), we stayed laser-focused on those pink steps, lol. By the time we got there, we had a solid 10 minutes before anyone else arrived.

Pink Stairs Louis Vuitton Los Angeles

Where should you park?

One of the hardest (and stressful) aspects is finding parking! Keep in mind, the exhibition is on Rodeo Drive in the middle of Beverly Hills! Amy and Alisha shared a fantastic tip about parking right around the corner at Crate & Barrel. There’s two-hour free parking underneath the store (no validation needed). Amazing!

Louis Vuitton Pop Up Shop Rodeo Drive
Stine Goya Jasmine

When is the best time to visit to avoid crowds?

The best time to visit the “Louis Vuitton X” Exhibition is probably weekdays (like a Tuesday morning). We ended up stopping by on a Sunday, and every space was a complete MADHOUSE. If you plan to go on a weekend, it will most likely be extremely busy (especially on that pink staircase)!

Jennifer Lake Vuitton Los Angeles
Louis Vuitton Dresses X Rodeo Drive
Louis Vuitton Taylor Swift Dress
Louis Vuitton X Pink Staircase

Is the “Louis Vuitton X” Exhibit good for families?

YES! We saw a bunch of families the entire time. The only catch is that security asks for guests to not touch anything. As someone who has a four year old niece, the idea of telling her not touch the pretty colorful bags and art makes my mind spin, lol! There is NO way she’d comply.

However, security takes this rule VERY seriously! There are a bunch of LV team members in every room, and they do not care about your age – they will come over and stop you immediately. We easily saw ten kids receive warnings! Therefore, it’s best to have a family meeting and discussion about not touching items before you walk into the space. 🙂

Louis Vuitton X Installation Beverly Hills
Louis Vuitton Installation Los Angeles
Jennifer Lake Tod's Lilac Bag
Louis Vuitton Dress Exhibit Los Angeles
Jennifer Lake Stine Goya
Jennifer Lake Louis Vuitton Los Angeles

Dress: Stine Goya Jasmine Dress {also worn here in pink and here in blue}

Bag: Tod’s Gommino Micro Bag {c/o} // Shoes: Steve Madden Lilac Daisie Pumps

Jewelry: Lele Sadoughi Floral Earrings // Eyewear: Céline White Marta Sunglasses {c/o}


Planning a visit? Feel free to stop by Louis Vuitton’s website for more information and details! Keep in mind you have from now until November 17th to experience it (although I have a feeling they’ll be bringing this exhibit to other countries and destinations in the coming months. Enjoy!


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