The Must-Know Details of the SteamLine Luggage Sale

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The SteamLine Luggage Sale 2023 is officially here! Friends, I’m SO excited the brand is doing a 15% discount off their entire collection of luggage and accessories. From stripes to solids, neutrals to bold hues, posh patterns and prints, there is truly something for everyone.

For years, Steamline Luggage has been a part of my life and travels. I found blogs back from 2016 and 2017, and all throughout the years ever since. Heck, it’s become an integral part of our home décor!

The vintage meets modern silhouettes continue to inspire me. Jet setters, style mavens, and tastemakers will absolutely adore these pieces. Furthermore, they have styles and sizes for every type of traveler and every occasion. Moreover, no detail is overlooked. Sure, the outside of the luggage and accessories speak for themselves. But what constantly surprises me are the surprise and delight moments of the interior.

From sleek pockets to gorgeous fabric linings, and even luggage covers to keep your bag intact, SteamLine Luggage has thought of literally everything. I also love they offer their luggage and accessories in countless colors.

Below, I’m giving you a special preview of their new color way that is sure to make waves! The color? *Chef’s kiss! Below, I’m sharing all of the details of the SteamLine Luggage Sale, including the discount code, sale dates, and some thoughtful recommendations of what to invest in if you’ve been thinking about new luggage.

Steamline Luggage Sale

Steamline Luggage Sale

Listen, SteamLine Luggage rarely goes on sale. Like ever. When their team messaged they were doing a sale, I immediately dropped what I was doing to write this blog post. Their bags are a work of art. After all, we feature them as a central focus point of our décor in our family room!

The 15% discount is a great way to dip your toe in the Steamline Luggage waters. Luggage is a very personal choice, as it needs to serve as a mix of fashion and function. It’s no secret Steamline makes a statement. There have been plenty of times I’ve walked through an airport and someone has physically stopped me to ask me where I got my luggage.

In fact, their sales are so rare that one of my readers messaged me literally last week to ask if I had a discount code for the brand. My response? “Gah! They never go on sale.”

They make the perfect gift idea for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and beyond.

Steamline Luggage Discount Code

Steamline Luggage Discount Code

The SteamLine Luggage discount code is SPRING15 for 15% off everything on the site.

When Does the Sale Take Place?

You can shop the SteamLine Luggage sale from Wednesday, March 22nd until April 20th, 2023 exclusively on their website. Therefore, you have nearly an entire month to take advantage of their 15% off deal. Plus, it’s the perfect time to get ahead of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.

My Steamline Luggage Story

I was first introduced to the brand by my sweet friend, Mackenzie Horan, who brought this style on our trip to Finland (see this image). When she boarded the plane, I gasped and asked, “what in the world is that chic carry-on?!” Also, I later told her of my concerns about her bringing such a stylish piece of luggage to Finland, where we moved hotels and dragged luggage through mud, snow, rocks, etc.

But thankfully, her SteamLine Luggage was extremely durable under every single weather condition. Very impressive – I was sold!

From there, the brand had actually reached out to me organically to ask if I wanted to test the luggage. The answer was a resounding “yes!” Since then, their pieces have traveled the world with me, from United Airlines flights to every corner of the world.

Talbots Gingham Cardigan
TWA Hotel Flight Center Review

Best Steamline Luggage Sale Pieces

Where should you start? One of their carry-one luggage pieces in the color of your choice. These cabin-sized carryon cases are the best travel companions. The style is more light but incredibly durable. In fact, I own a LOT of luggage (I mean, a LOT). This is one of my heavier carry-on pieces, but it’s worth it because I never worry about it at airports or overhead bins. The price is between $550-$895, so the discount is very helpful.

Additionally, I love their Architect Mini Bags for everyday use from work to weekend. This is less a travel staple for me as it is an weekday to weekend piece.

It happens to be their smallest purse-sized case in the collection. Based on their website, SteamLine explains the Mini Bags are an “homage to the refined hallmark of style moderne.” My personal favorite is the Architect Cream Mini Bag ($310).  

Red Steamline Luggage
Style Charade Steamline Luggage

The Steamline Luggage Illustrator Pink and Blue

Of all the SteamLine Luggage pieces to be released, my all-time favorite is the Illustrator luggage in pink and blue. After all, I’m obsessed with all things stripes. It’s impossible to pick between the two colors, and I honestly adore both.

The Illustrator Luggage blue version airs a bit more gray-blue side than cornflower blue, if you know what I mean. It’s not a BLUE blue. Also, the Illustrator Luggage in pink is more subtle than you might think. Both are FABULOUS, but I just want to be clear about their true hues.

Both Illustrator bags come with the most delightful lining with a Lauren Taylor wildflower print.

Steamline Luggage Vanity Case

mini bag

Steamline luggage Sales

vanity bag

Steamline Luggage Illustrator


Steamline Luggage Illustrator Pink

small hatbox

Entrepreneur Pink Luggage

Starting March 23rd, SteamLine is releasing a brand new styles to their collection – the Entrepreneur Pink. Isn’t it fabulous? The candy-colored pink collection will brighten any travels. I love they’ve moved from softer pastel pinks to a more bold hue.

As with nearly all SteamLine Luggage collections, the Entrepreneur collection in pink will be available in multiple sizes, including hat boxes, vanity and mini bags, and carryon and checked luggages.

Steamline Luggage Sale Discount Code

SteamLine Luggage Sale – In Closing

Stay tuned for a more in-depth SteamLine Luggage review blog post, with all of the details about the care, dimensions, and specifics that you need to know. I can’t wait to share even more about this wonderful brand!

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    Anna T. wrote:

    Do you know if they will have any sales or sample sales in the future? I just stumbled upon this amazing line, and absolutely must have the blue Illustrator carry-on and hatbox. Do you know which hatbox still fits under the plane seat?

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    • J

      They definitely do sales every now and again (assuming Black Friday would be the next time they do so!). Love their styles so much!

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