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Crazy Rich Asians Rachel Chu

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Crazy Rich Asians continues to top the box office thanks to the brilliant performances from members of the cast. Last week, I did a blog post about how to dress like Astrid. This week, I’m tackling Crazy Rich Asians Rachel Chu, the female lead played by Constance Wu.

Rachel is a bit feminine yet edgy. Her outfits evolve over the course of the film, mostly thanks to her eclectic friend, Peik Lin. The head costume designer, Mary Vogt, described her style in a recent interview as having a very “down-to-earth wardrobe.” She went on, the sort of girl who “shopped in Macy’s rather than at Bergdorf”.

What is Rachel Chu of Crazy Rich Asians’s Style?

Vogt’s goal was simple – make Rachel Chu, played by Constance Wu, look as ordinary as possible. To do so, she dresses the Rachel Chu character in Gap tank tops and shorts to start.

From there, Vogt slowly transitions her outfits into designer labels like Miu Miu and Missoni. In many ways, it reflects Constance Wu’s character development over the course of the film.

Crazy Rich Asians Floral Dress
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Get the Look Rachel Chu of Crazy Rich Asians

I’ve put together a few of Rachel Chu’s best looks ideas from the movie. As with Astrid Leo-Tan, she wears a wide variety of outfits in the film. Here are a few of my favorites styles.

Missoni V-Neck Dress

Rachel Chu’s “70’s glam goddess” look for Nick Young’s house party is simply divine. She borrows the look from her friend, Peik Lin, and it’s the perfect option to make a style statement.

Overall, it’s sexy yet refined, colorful and classy look. Normally, Missoni dresses will set you back upwards of $3,000. Therefore, I found a very similar version that Rachel wore on sale right now.

Crazy Rich Asians Missoni
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If plunging necklines aren’t your thing, there are even more Missoni options to shop here.

Miu Miu Red Fit and Flare Dress

Prior to meeting Nick Young’s family, Rachel goes shopping in New York City with her mom to find the perfect outfit. While it appears like they’re shopping at a small boutique in Brooklyn, her mom ends up picking a red fit and flare dress from Miu Miu.

Overall, Miu Miu dresses will run you upwards of $1,500. I’ve found two perfect options like this designer version from Stella McCartney, and also this fabulous $60 red dress option.

Crazy Rich Asians Red Dress
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Marchesa Gown

The hero apparel item of the film? Rachel’s ethereal ice blue Marchesa gown. While I wish I could find the exact dress, this floral tulle gown is as close as it gets! The catch? It’s $970, but it’s much more affordable than the Rachel Chu’s Marchesa version that you saw in the film. For a similar style, I recommend this more attainable style.

Also, one of the tricky aspects of a deep v-neck gown is what bra to wear. My best recommendation is to invest in this exact style, which is my go-to style for tricky necklines. Generally, the strapless and backless bra can be used up to 50 times with proper care.

Crazy Rich Asians Marchesa
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Similar Rachel Chu Gown

Looking to shop a similar style gown that Rachel Chu in Crazy Rich Asians wore? This one is incredibly close! Also, scroll through similar floral and tulle dress styles from the movie. Overall, I tried to include a range of designer fashion and more affordable gown options.

Crazy Rich Asians Trailer

Have you seen the #CrazyRichAsians movie trailer? Below, I’m sharing a link to a preview of the film. Even though the sneak peek is less than three minutes, it gives you a sense of the glamour and glitz of the entire Crazy Rich Asians’ cast.

What Are Your Favorite Rachel Chu Outfits?

Tell me, what are your favorite Crazy Rich Asians Rachel Chu outfits? I cannot wait until they film the second movie! Based on the second book, they’ll plan to focus more on Astrid Leo-Tan’s life, which means even more scenes with Gemma Chan. Bring it on!

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