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Crazy Rich Asians Astrid Outfit Ideas

One: Pale Pink Fit and Flare Dress | Two: Christian Dior Lady Bag | Three: Colorful Costume Necklace | Four: Fuchsia Long Gown | Five: Colorblock Dress | Six: Striped Sailor Shirt | Seven: Valentino Rockstud Pumps | Eight: Neutral Silk Draped Dress | Nine: Wide-Leg Pant | Ten: Pearl Drop Earrings

Crazy Rich Asians is number one at the box office! Hooray! In fact, I’ve seen the film three times in the theatre, and I am doing everything possible to add to their bottom line. Have you seen it? Beyond being the first all Asian-American cast since Joy Luck Club, the romantic comedy is an instant classic. The cast is so talented, and the wardrobes are out of this world! Today, I wanted to share some Crazy Rich Asians outfit ideas, starting with my favorite character. Therefore, today let’s talk about Crazy Rich Asians Astrid.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to pull together outfit ideas from some of my favorite characters from the film. Kicking things off with Astrid  Leong-Teo, a fictional character in Crazy Rich Asians who is played by the beautiful and brilliant actress, Emma Chan. She easily has the best wardrobe of the film!

What is Astrid of Crazy Rich Asians’s Style?

Astrid Leong-Teo is the epitome of elegance and modern femininity – like the Asian version of Audrey Hepburn, if you will. The costume designer, Mary Vogt, recently did an interview with Page Six. In the article, Vogt explained that both she and director, Jon M. Chu, wanted to keep Gemma Chan’s outfits simple yet refined.

Most of Astrid’s wardrobe consists of designer dresses and fine jewelry. However, they pepper-in some more attainable and affordable dresses and jewelry options.

For example, she wore a simple Diane von Furstenberg dress, similar to this DVF color-block wrap dress. Furthermore, she dons a casual outfit with a simple Gap striped t-shirt.

Astrid Crazy Rich Asians
image c/o

How to Get the Look – Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians

If you’re looking to dress the part, I’ve compiled some of Astrid’s best outfit ideas from the movie below. Beyond being impeccably dressed, I love the range of outfits she wears in the film. One minute, she’s dolled up in an Alexander McQueen gown and the next, she’s wearing wide-leg ivory pants with a blouse. Here are a few of my favorites:

NSale Best Dresses

Pink Dior Dress

Astrid’s best outfit of all is a sleeveless pink Dior dress. My jaw dropped to the movie floor when I saw this dazzling piece! It reminds me a lot this Eliza J dress I wore on Nantucket and also this pink draped stunner from TOPSHOP from a few years ago (below).

This incredible pink dress is a fantastic alternative, and a much better price tag than Astrid’s Dior option. In fact, it’s under $150, and I also thing this pale pink dress is very “Astrid!”

Pink Draped Midi Dress

Diane Von Furstenberg Color Block Dress

DVF dresses have been one of my go-to brands for work since I can remember. The dresses travel well, and they always feel classic and timeless. Astrid wears one of her shift dresses in the film (love the color blocking).

Astrid Crazy Rich Asians DVF
image c/o

While the dress is from a few seasons ago, this new version feels very similar! I also found a similar Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress with the same hues of turquoise, green, and navy.

DVF Green Blue Wrap Dress

Silver Draped Gown

When Rachel Chu meets Nick Young’s family for the first time, Astrid wears a striking silver plunging neckline gown to the house party. While her Ralph Lauren option could break the bank, this Jill Jill Stuart style is nearly identical!

I wore the satin gown in Miami (below), and I absolutely love this style! It’s comfy, classic and perfect for special occasions. Seeking another style? This Jill Jill Stuart gown I wore in 2016 Houston is another fabulous find.

Jill Stuart Silver Satin Maxi Dress
image c/o

Alexander McQueen Gown

For Araminta Lee and Colin Khoo’s wedding, Astrid wears a breathtaking Alexander McQueen gown. This McQueen Gown is the closest version that I could find as a similar from the designer.

However, if you’re looking for a more attainable find of Astrid’s pink gown? This Rent the Runway pink gown is perfect. For styling, I recommend just adding a statement necklace, and you’re good to go! I also found three more affordable versions sequin gown, crepe column gown, and taffeta gown.

Crazy Rich Asians Astrid Alexander McQueen
image c/o

What are your favorite Crazy Rich Asians Astrid Outfits? 

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