My Thoughts on Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

The Top Seasonal Trends
Spring 2022 Fashion Trends
Dress: Self-Portrait Taffeta Mini Dress (on sale, blue floral version here) | Shoes: Mercedes Castillo Vivian Braided Sandal | Bag: Brandon Blackwood | Earrings: BaubleBar Jayna Earrings

A new season is here, friends, and today’s post is all about Spring 2022 fashion trends. I’m living for all the bold movement and joyful colors! Of course, each year the trends come and go, so what does it matter? It matters because knowing what’s in and what’s out can keep you trendy and give you big inspiration for your next wardrobe picks! Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

After a long winter (my Windy City friends know what I’m talking about), nothing feels better than building a spring wardrobe for the warmer days ahead! And to be on trend, you totally don’t need to drop money on runway collections from Nensi Dojaka or Christian Siriano (although their spring collections are *chefs kiss* GORGEOUS). You can find tons of great options in your price range on my LTK shop

So, today, I’m giving you the down-low on all things spring fashion trends! I just know you’ll find the perfect fit for your personality and style with all these great options. Oh, and don’t forget to let me know what styles you can’t wait to wear!

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

I cannot believe we’re already in spring! Not that I am complaining – I love all the energy and colors that come with this beautiful season. Really, I just love to study the new trends and spice up my wardrobe for next season. Who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping, anyway? Plus, a new closet is SO inspirational (or, you know, a few new pieces! Haha) 🙂 

Below are the Spring 2022 fashion trends I am most excited for! 

H&M Fringe Sweater


First up on our list is fringe! Fringe pieces are full of body and movement that create SOOO much visual interest. Winter is marked with lots of lazy days inside and with spring comes the promise of action—whether that be a morning run or girls’ trips to the beach. This makes fringe the perfect 2022 spring trend! 

In the link above, you can see this beautiful Eliza J Tiered Tassel Fringe Dress. This dress has lots of depth, but remains totally casual – putting a chic twist on a prairie dress. The fringe perfectly elevates this look! 

But, fringe doesn’t just have to be classic chic. It can also be totally bold and dramatic! Check out this glittering fringe top from Sail to Sable! The fringe adds super unique definition between the top and the leggings and gives you a fun little bounce! How fun for springwear?

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

Easy Knits

Easy knits are loose knit relaxed cardigans, shawls, and sweaters. The loose knit is PERFECT for spring weather where it can still be a little chilly, but it’s too warm for full coverage. The oversized fit can be paired with a tight-fitting bottom for a simple, yet elegant, look that’s ready for a casual day at home or brunch with friends. 

And if you’re thinking, “Sweaters are for fall.” Well, feast your eyes on these beautiful pastel easy knit cardigans! There is nothing heavy and dark about these guys. They’re modern, bright, and, most importantly, FUN. 🙂 


Jeans are out and trousers are in! (But you can still rock those jeans, friends. No judgment!) What was once a masculine and professional wardrobe staple has now been completely turned on its head. Wear trousers with a light floral cotton blouse for a timeless look that can go with you anywhere. 

Azeeza Pink Halter Maxi Dress

Halter Tops

I’ve always had a love for halter tops! So, I’m sooo glad they’re back in style! They’re perfect for showcasing your exposed shoulders and creating height. I love this floral maxi dress because it flows so beautifully, and the tie adds the perfect juxtaposition to the otherwise balanced and symmetrical maxi dresses out there. 

Halter tops also work at any height and the shape is perfect for spring. And, since the silhouette is never overstated, you can be bold with lots of accessories and fun shoes. Just like the accessories I curated with this lace blue dress outfit

Jennifer Lake La Roque Red Stripe Dress

Airy Dresses

Again, this season we want to move! Be free! Airy dresses are totally in and there is no such thing as too much volume. Additionally, these dresses are complimentary of most body types and don’t require a ton of additional accessorizing (since the dress holds so much drama)! 

And, don’t think that because it’s a bold shape, you can’t go bold on the color—I always recommend bright colors here. Lol.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are back! So many of our outfits conform to the same shapes and proportions over and over again. Adding a crop top to your spring wardrobe can add much-needed variety to your closet. 

Crop tops can be worn with jeans or trousers, or they can be worn with a matching set! I am a total matchy-matchy lover. Gingham and other prints are perfect for a trendy spring look! 

Jennifer Lake Sophia Webster

Pleated Skirts

I just love the way a pleated skirt feels. It just makes me want to twirl! 🙂 This kind of energy is exactly what we need coming out of winter. And, a cute pleated skirt like this metallic wonder is the perfect pick-me-up AND wardrobe addition. 

Pleated skirts are also really versatile. You can pair them with a button-down for something more dressed-up or you can combine it with a solid colored t-shirt for something a little more casual. You probably have dozens of items already in your closet that would be totally amplified by a pleated skirt – so don’t be afraid to pick one up!  

Studio Chicago Event Phot Space

Clashing Prints

Let’s make a bold statement with clashing prints this spring! This trend breaks the boundaries completely by layering print on print. It adds SO much dimension and complexity to your outfits! 

Create visual interest by taking two prints you normally wouldn’t put together and try them on! You might be surprised at the dramatic composition you’ll create! (And, friends, don’t be afraid to don this high-fashion style with the utmost confidence!) 

Ultra Large Bags

HUGE bags are in this year. And, I am totally happy about it because I tend to lug around a lot of things between my laptop, wallet, favorite products, and anything else I need for my outing. (I’m not an overpacker, I swear! Lol.) Anyway, this trend allows your bag to be the focal point of your outfit, which is a total show stopper! 

I love my bold printed Kate Spade bags. So, if you like the clashing print trend, you can use a patterned bag on top of another patterned outfit for the best of two trends! If you’re looking for something that puts even more focus on the bag, try pairing a bold tote with a simple white dress, like I did in this outfit

Y2K Nostalgia 

Retro/futuristic pastels of the dot-com boom? Um, yes please. Obviously, there are things about Y2K fashion that can stay in the past, but this era of fashion gets a bad rap for no good reason. There are plenty of styles that are totally fetch! (Sorry, I had to. Haha.)

Baby tees, for instance, are much like crop tops where they add unique proportion to your outfit. I also love the metallic vibes of the 2000s, like this shiny pleated skirt. (Two in one for trends!) You could also try a pastel velour track suit or rock double denim. Y2K fashion is back, baby! 

Jennifer Lake Ann Taylor Spring Floral Dress

Floral Print

Probably one of my favorite parts of spring are all the floral prints. Florals can be created in so many ways and each one has a slightly different feel: printed, embroidered, or even painted! You can style your floral with neutrals for a toned-down look, or amp it up with complimenting solids. Floral is SO easy to style, friends. To see all the ways you can don this beautiful print, check out my highlight of this Tory Burch collection!  

Vacation Fashion

Vacation fashion means looking like you’re going to the beach all the time! This just feels positive and totally right for spring. Statement sandals like these Valentino braided rope slides and this silk-chiffon and charmeuse midi dress just scream, “meet me on the sand.” 

Think bright colors, woven fabrics, and vacation days when you style this fun trend!

Jennifer Lake Pink Stripe Maxi

Puff Sleeves

I like to think maybe I started this trend? (Lol, kidding). But, seriously, I LOVE puff sleeves. You can see so many looks on my IG with voluminous sleeves. Truthfully, this trend makes sense because, like many others on this list, the trend creates a unique shape and a surprising silhouette. 

My favorite way to wear this trend is through a dress or blouse. The loose fabric compliments the airy structure of the sleeves and creates a dynamic look. Style this look with some bold jewelry and shoes because puffy sleeves look regal and demand a little drama.  

Romantic Dresses

Romantic Dresses

Romantic dresses are deeply feminine and look great on any body type. Often, romantic dresses are layered ruffle dresses with sweetheart necklines. But, this year, I’m seeing a shift to a more simplified and chic look. To style these beautiful dresses, grab a heel or wedge and some pearl jewelry! Eeeek – SO cute! 


Speaking of cute, twee fashion is all about cute and dainty. This is another style that comes out of the Y2K era, but more from the alternative crowd. Twee reminds me of school uniforms and “the girl next door” kinda look.

Often, you can see this trend with knee-length dresses, cardigans, and tights or leggings. If you need some inspiration, look to Zooey Deschanel who is legendary for popularizing twee fashion! 

Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine Dressing

This experimental fashion trend is unlike any other. When you dopamine dress you dress for what makes you feel good. This could have to do with color, texture, or several other factors. It’s more about what works for you than how it’s stylized from the perspective of another. Trust me when I say, this is so freeing! Dopamine dressing this spring is the perfect act of daily self-care! 

Crocheted Fabric

Crocheted outfits add so much visual interest to your look. Did you know that crocheting can’t be done by machine, so it’s always done by hand? That makes it so much more beautiful, knowing that each and every piece will be a little unique! 

If you’re already going to don the bold textures of crocheted fabric, add more unusual textures like a lattice bag or some chunky earrings. 

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are the perfect choice for this spring because they reinforce that Y2K trend and give the illusion of height! You can wear a mini skirt high on the waist with a blouse or solid tee for an always-flattering ensemble. Or, you could get a cute tennis skirt and tank top! Either way, get ready to totally rule spring in your mini. 

tory burch yellow eleanor bag

Bright Bold Colors

Friends, I think it goes without saying that I have this trend in the bag! Have you seen my IG? It’s like a posh, psychedelic rainbow. Lol. But seriously, don’t be afraid to go bold. I love this Mira Mikati tie-dye tiered sundress for almost any spring occasion! When you’re working with this many colors, accessorizing is a breeze! Just pick your favorite and go with it. (My favorite is yellow!) 🙂 

Whether you go monochrome with a few hues of the same shade or go bold with clashing primary colors, you’ll be totally trendy! (Trust me – you can do this whole bright color thing just like me!) 

jennifer lake dillards

Platform Shoes

Thick platform shoes not only add lots of drama to your outfit, but the thick sole makes you look slimmer! This spring, you could go with beachy wedges like these or exciting printed platforms like these gems! You can put platforms with your favorite halter top dress or sport them with a crocheted ensemble! So many options!

Mint Photo Studio New York


Monochrome is one of my favorite trends! Wearing the same color or tones from head to toe elevates any look, whether you’re looking for workwear, streetwear, or workout wear! When doing this style, add a lot of different textures and layer on that color like I did in the linked Jill Sander collection! But also . . . don’t be afraid to keep it totally sleek and simple like this monochrome outfit. I went so hard on this monochrome ensemble I actually matched with the whole room! Lol. 

The spring trends of 2022 are all about exciting movements and bold expression of color. 

Spring is here! This means it’s time to go shopping for the next season’s wardrobe! By the way, what are your favorite styles? Which bold style are you a little nervous to try? (I only ask because I want to encourage you!) Oh, and don’t forget about that dopamine dressing trend! Dressing in a way that makes you feel good is sooooo powerful! Until next time, friends. And in the meantime, I can’t wait to see your spring selections! 

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