The Best Beauty Collab Ever? Elf Cosmetics Chipotle Launch

Bring on the Chips and Salsa!
Elf Cosmetics Chipotle
Chipotle Eyeshadow Palette | Make it Hot Lip Gloss | Extra Guac Face Sponge Set | Eyes Chips Face Makeup Bag

Okay, is this the coolest beauty collaboration ever? The Elf Cosmetics Chipotle limited-edition collection officially drops on March 9th for E.l.f. members! If you’re not a member, you’ll be able to shop the full Elf Cosmetics Chipotle line on March 10th exclusively on their website.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Elf, they’re a cruelty-free, Paraben-free, 100% vegan brand. Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with several of Elf’s products, including their Camo Concealer and primer. Game changers, seriously! Also, be sure to check out my drugstore makeup blog post for more reviews on their products.

Furthermore, Bob and I are HUGE fans of Chipotle. After all, if you’ve read the “story of us” blog post, you’ll know the fast-casual chain holds a very special place in our hearts. Plus, we just love the food!

Elf Cosmetics Chipotle

In the meantime, the Elf Cosmetics Chipotle limited-edition collection includes four different products. Friends, the line is part novelty, part fun. The pieces actually look both fashionable and functional. Below, I’m sharing more details on the collection, and which items to go for!

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Extra Guac Sponge Set

Who doesn’t love Chipotle’s guacamole? I’m always willing to splurge extra for a side of it with their salty chips. Also, this limited-edition 2-piece makeup sponge set is SO stinking cute. It comes with an avocado shape and mini pit to help with makeup application and concealer.

Extra Guac Sponge Set

2-piece sponge set, $10


Make it Hot Lip Gloss

I love hot sauce, and this fiery hot lip plumping gloss looks so fun! From what I understand, the product is infused with vitamin E and coconut oil. Overall, the hydrating formula gives you an extra dose of red without being too overpowering.

Make It Hot Lip Gloss

Lip-plumping gloss, $8


Eyes Chips Face Makeup Bag

Perfect storage bag for your burrito or makeup. Sign me up! How cute is this style? As you can tell, the limited-edition makeup bag is designed to look identical to Chipotle’s bag of chips. Moreover, it has a zip-top closure, and it’s ideal for holding all of your essentials (well, and sides, too!).

Eyes Lips Face Makeup Bag

The essential makeup bag, $18


Chipotle Eyeshadow Palette

For only $16, this eyeshadow palette features 12 shades inspired by the ingredients on the Chipotle line. In fact, there are both shimmer and matte shades with names like: pinto beans, black beans, fajita, etc. After seeing some videos of beauty vloggers applying the eyeshadow palette, it’s clear to see the shadows are high-performing and quite pigmented. Love that!

Here’s the catch: the palette comes with a plastic cover with all of the eyeshadow names on them. However, once you remove the cover, you don’t know/see the names anymore. This doesn’t bother me! Granted, if you’re someone who really loves knowing what the shade names are, you may not adore the packaging.

Also, from what I’m reading on the e.l.f. website, you receive 1 coupon for free chips and guac when you purchase this palette (while supplies last). Overall, this is too fun!

Chipotle Eyeshadow Palette

12 shadow palette, $16


In Closing

In closing, what’s your favorite product from the collaboration? Be sure to set your calendars for March 9th! Lastly, feel free to sign-up to be one of the first to learn about when it drops.

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